Friday, February 23, 2007
Room 236 Room 222 Rooms 330/331 Rooms 334/335
8:00-8:45 Plenary Session: Know Your Rights: Licensing, Copyright, Fair Use, and Technological Protection Measures in Electronic Resources Plenary Session Overflow Room Not in use Not in use
8:55-9:40 Vendor Usage Data for Electronic Resources: A Survey of Libraries CU @ the MTG: Using Online Tools for Collaboration Paving the ERM Highway: The Expanding Role of ERM Systems and the Drive to Streamline Their Data Population Not in use
10:10-10:55 Don’t Leave Me in the Dark : Shining a Light on Electronic Resources Persuasive Proposals for Increasing Your Electronic Resources and Services Working with Campus Partners to Publish Peer-Reviewed, Open Access Journals Not in use
11:05-11:50 Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Push Your E-Resources Containing the E-Resources Explosion Busier Than Ever: Rethinking Reference Statistics for the Digital Age Not in use
1:30-2:15 The Evolution of a New World Order: How and Why UCLA Drew the Line between "P" and "E" Vendor Training: An Assessment from Two Camps The Transfer Initiative: Creating Best Practice Guidelines for the Transfer of Journal Titles Between Publishers (Or: "Where Is My eJournal Content Coming From This Year?") Not in use
2:25-3:10 Figuring the True Cost of e-Products: e-Journals in an e-Package World Developing Electronic Collections with Shrinking Budgets (Doing More With Less) Collaboration, Cultural Resources and Digital Projects – The Texas Tides Program Not in use
3:40-4:25 Preaching to the Choir?: How Academic Librarians Really Feel About Open Access Tips for Tackling Electronic Resources Off-Campus but not Alone: Supporting the Research Needs of Non-Traditional Students Using Digital Resources Resolving our Hosting Dilemmas: Comparing Remotely and Locally Hosted OpenURL Link Resolvers
4:40-5:40 E-books Vendor Forum ERMS Vendor Forum Updates Vendor Forum Not in use

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