The MPRL is an interdisciplinary laboratory which supports education and research programs in structural materials. Its principle activities are directed toward the measurement and modeling of the mechanical properties of engineering materials, primarily related to deformation, fatigue, and fracture. The MPRL impacts very directly on educational and research programs within the academic units of the College of Engineering. In its role as an interdisciplinary umbrella organization for experimental research in mechanical properties of materials, the MPRL provides a degree of coordination of equipment usage, training, and maintenance that would be much more costly to the sum of academic units in the conventional university setting of distinctly controlled single investigator equipment.

The MPRL is administered by the Director, with recommendations from a Faculty Governing Board. The Industrial Advisory Board of the School of Materials Science and Engineering also serves as the Industrial Advisory Board of the MPRL.

Participation includes faculty and students principally from Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.

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