• Dynamic Assemblies of Soft Colloids 

      Lyon, L. Andrew (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-03-13)
    • Nanotechnology for Ultrasensitive and Noninvasive Diagnostics 

      Kwong, Gabriel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-01-27)
      Biomarkers are increasingly important in the clinical management of complex diseases, yet our ability to discover new biomarkers remains limited by our dependence on endogenous biomolecules. Here I describe the development ...
    • Problem Solving Using Light and Electron Microscopy 

      Brown, Rich (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-03-12)
      Using a combination of microscopical techniques, Rich applies polarized light microscopy (PLM), Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy, (FTIR), confocal Raman microscopy, (CRM), scanning electron microscopy-energy ...
    • A Realistic View of Commercializing Nanotechnology Within the Chemical and Various Other Industries 

      Kirk, Richard A.; Blevins, Daniel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-02-26)
      Nanotechnology has become "The Word" across all business lines; yet, few understand this new technology and the future impact on their prospective businesses. This talk will provide a framework for understanding nanotechnology ...
    • Simple Chemistry for Complex Nanomaterials 

      Xia, Younan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-11-13)
      The first documented synthesis of nanocrystals can be traced back to the beautiful work by Michael Faraday in 1856 when he demonstrated the preparation of gold colloids with a ruby color. Ever since, many different methods ...
    • The Structure and Dynamics of Patterned Nanospheres 

      Hernandez, Rigoberto (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-08-26)
      Colloidal dispersions have been useful for many applications, particularly because of the balance of microscopic heterogeneity and the wealth of tunable properties they exhibit at macroscopic length scales. At the small ...
    • Understanding Toxicology of Engineered Nanomaterials 

      Aravamudhan, Shyam (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-10-23)
      It is essential to thoroughly understand the safety implications of Engineered Nanomaterials (ENs) and the factors that influence their associated potential hazards. Towards this overarching goal, research continues to ...