• An Experiment in Modern Knowledge Spaces: the Library East Commons 

      Stuart, Crit; Bennett, Charlie; Cseplo, Steve; Kahn, Sabir; Vogt, Brett; Lamia, Frank; Leland, Blake; Crawford, T. Hugh; Conces, Carola; Gilbreath, Sarah; Slaton, Dani; Frazier, Kaitlyn; Rattray, Liam; Punnoose, Andrew; Hocking, Erica; Emmer, Geoff; West, Beth; Davis, Lauren; Johnson, Ben; Kerckhof, Diana; Hobbes, Leon; Lowe, Tiffany; Hoffman, Matt; Beaver, Matt; Rachels, Jay (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
    • Redefining Study Habits: The Library East Commons 

      Hocking, Erica (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-09-10)
      Over the last few months the library has transformed one of its wings from the previous conceptions of absolute silence and uncomfortable seating, to a new approach toward learning. In almost direct contrast to the 3rd ...