The GaTech Campus MovieFest Finale was an incredible celebration of all the movies created during CMF at GaTech. The winning movies received awards, and the top 16 movies are eligible to be shown at the Atlanta Grand Finale.

Recent Submissions

  • Q & A on the LEC showing of Fanya Kaplan 

    Unknown author (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-04-11)
  • Fanya Kaplan 

    Tucker, Brad; Tucker, Becky; Bigelow, Matt; Bradshaw, Patrick; Duvvury, Rolan; Gluzman, Michael; Gluzman, Yury; Gutierrez-Ray, Amaris; Lillethun, Dave; Meek, Wryen; Melling, Alan; Murphy, James; Musin, Ildar; Perisamy, Tamil; Perry, Matt; Rutter, David; Swisshelm, John; Tecosky, Nick; Wingo, Wesley; Becerra-Licha, Ignacio; Diaz, Jonathan; Ford, James; King, Jason; Kirkland, Walker; May, Aaron; Rennalls, Nicole; Sloan, Steven; Turner, Terrill; Vela, Michelle; Weigel, Emily G.; Whyte, Troy; Dickerson, Drew; Ekmark, Travis; Gluzman, Lyudmila (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007)
    Take a trip back to revolutionary Russia, 1918. This Campus Moviefest award-winner revisits the fascinating story of Fanya Kaplan, a zealous socialist revolutionary, and her attempted assassination of Vladimir Lenin