The School of Computer Science (SCS) focuses on the roots of the computing discipline. Students will be exposed to mathematical foundations and system building principles and practices. Research questions will address foundational issues such as algorithms and complexity, to systems issues of robustness and performance. SCS will naturally engage mathematics, electrical and computer engineering, systems engineering and management to collaborate on multidisciplinary problems.

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  • Reducing Cognitive Load Through Reminders 

    Bartlett, Samuel Andrew (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016)
    Describes an experiment using email to reduce students' cognitive load.
  • Discovering Metacognitive Approaches to Personal Finance with Intelligent Tutoring Systems 

    Tan, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-12-02)
    One of the most difficult challenges that young people are currently facing in today’s world is to make the right financial decisions in their daily life properly due to the lack in personal finance or has developed a poor ...
  • From Immigrant to Entrepreneur and NBA Owner 

    Ranadivé, Vivek (2018-11-01)
    Vivek Ranadivé describes himself as a boy from Bombay – a boy who made his fortune digitizing Wall Street and providing real-time computing to the world’s largest companies. Now, the chairman of venture fund Bow Capital ...
  • Real-time Communication Using WebRTC 

    Ali, Haytham (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018)
    This paper introduces a new Real-time Communication technology. Some of the technology’s applications could be in the education field, but are not limited only to education. The technology could be used with any system ...
  • Finding Kernels in Non-Linear Data-Driven CHC Solving 

    Eden, Michael
    Program verification has seen a lot of progress, but its still unable to automatically find proofs for industry programs. This paper builds on data-driven approaches from previous work [11] to provide a more robust automatic ...
  • Scalable, Automatic Malware Analysis 

    Sommers, Allison Kate
    In the realm of this computing age, malware is becoming steadily more prevalent. With the amount of malware samples taken from the wild increasing, malware analysis is becoming increasingly necessary. However, the necessary ...
  • Interactive Analysis of Graph and Time-Series Data: Enabling Technologies and Systems 

    Fang, Dezhi
    Massive amounts of data are being generated every day. While data become more universally accessible, they are also becoming increasingly more complex. With the rise of social networks and mobile sensors, graph and time ...
  • Real-time State Estimation for Aggressive Driving Autonomous Ground Vehicles 

    Pattison, Dominic
    State estimation is an integral part of many robotic systems. It is particularly important in the realm of high performance ground vehicles where systems must be real-time, robust, and accurate. This project aims to tackle ...
  • A blockchain-inspired design for a modern academic system 

    Murali, Alaap
    When reminded of blockchains, the public’s attention tends to turn to finance because of the recent growth of Bitcoin and its impact on the economy; however, these cryptographic data structures also have value in several ...
  • Predicting Protein-Protein Interaction via Convolutional Adaptive Dot Product 

    Deb, Diptodip
    We propose a deep-learning method for predicting protein-protein interaction (PPI) via an adaptive dot product in combination with dilated convolutions. Protein-protein interac- tion is a crucial biological process. Being ...
  • Deception Detection Tests Along with Brain-Computer Interface 

    Talati, Aatmay S
    Primarily polygraphs (AKA lie detectors) are being used for deception detection tests (DDT) in terms of knowing hidden and crucial information associated with crime or an incidence. Often, other factors, i.e., nervousness, ...
  • Podium: Ranking Data Using Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics 

    Kalidindi, Bharath V
    Ranking points of data is utilized in everyday decision making, and multi-attribute ranking systems are a tool used to facilitate the ranking process and help make these data-driven decisions. These systems ask users to ...
  • Moderation in different communities on Reddit -- A qualitative analysis study 

    Birman, Iris
    The purpose of this study is to analyze moderation of different subreddits with varying degrees of moderation on Reddit. Understanding differences between how and to what extent rules, which are specified in the community ...
  • Interactive Object Segmentation using Binary Inputs 

    Manivasagam, Sivabalan
    Every day, humans use their vision to process millions of pixels and select regions of interest. This task of highlighting and grouping pixels of interest in a scene is called image segmentation, and it is a fundamental ...
  • Understanding Children's Gaze Behaviors 

    Wang, Yongxin
    Identifying early signs of autism has been a challenging problem in the medical field. Many research studies aim to detect behavioral patterns of children with autism in the first three years of life. Early detection of ...
  • Structured Data and Resource Sharing in Open Source Computational Chemistry 

    Petosa, Nicholas
    When designing drugs and materials, researchers must examine how systems of molecules interact with each other. It is expensive and difficult to execute and measure the results of such experiments in the real world, as ...
  • Synchronous Interfaces for Wearable Computers 

    Wu, Jason
    Synchronous interfaces provide a new input modality for wearable devices requiring minimal user learning and calibration. We present SeeSaw, a synchronous gesture interface for commodity smartwatches to support rapid, ...
  • Static Exception Checker for Java Programs 

    Nikolenko, Liubov
    The purpose of this study is to present a tool, that can check if programs, compiled to Java Virtual Machine bytecode, are exception safe. The tool performs static analysis of input programs by reducing the programs to ...
  • High Performance Algorithms for K-mer Counting and Genomic Read Overlap Finding 

    Zhu, Shaowei
    Advancements in genomics are enabling a deeper understanding of how human body works and bringing us a new era of personalized healthcare. Genome sequencing and genome assembly are important procedures that facilitate ...
  • Story Generation with Deep Reinforcement Learning 

    Dass, Nathan
    Storytelling has applications in areas ranging from creating books and novels to engrossing movie scripts to the gaming industry. It would be useful to create interactive plot lines for games, motivate mission generation, ...

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