Commercialization Services helps move innovations out of Georgia Tech laboratories and into the marketplace. Commercialization Services specialists evaluate the marketplace potential of research discoveries, recommend a pathway to commercialization, and – when appropriate – help form startup companies to commercialize Georgia Tech innovations.

At the core of Commercialization Services assistance is the Georgia Tech Innovation Process, which begins with filing an invention disclosure through the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL). Next, commercialization specialists conduct a market-driven assessment of the disclosure’s potential commercial value. For innovations with marketplace potential, the commercialization process may take one of three paths:

  • Formation of a high-growth startup company.
  • Licensing to an established company.
  • Creation of an entity for faculty consulting.

Commercialization Services supports faculty members, research staff members and graduate students throughout the commercialization process. It provides assistance and advice, and makes connections to investors, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate R&D officials and other specialists. Commercialization Services is part of the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute.

Contact us if you are:

  • A Georgia Tech faculty member, research staff member or graduate student with an innovation you feel may have commercial value,
  • An investor interested in opportunities with startup firms based on Georgia Tech innovations, or
  • An experienced entrepreneur seeking to become involved with a new startup company.

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