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    • Localizing Embeddings for Recommendation Systems using Binary Pairwise Comparisons 

      Oshaughnessy, Matthew R. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-07-18)
      Recommendation systems predict the preferences of users (who may be, for example, customers of an online shopping website or moviegoers), to various items (for example, consumer products or movies). One way this information ...
    • Low Static Power and High Throughput Wave-Pipelined Global Interconnect Circuits 

      Youngblood, Mark William (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-12-17)
      This research project will explore a low-power, high-throughput design using high threshold voltage transistors in combination with wave-pipelining techniques across global interconnect circuits.
    • Measuring Interfacial Tension with the Pendant Drop Method 

      Mohan, Kevin K (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-01-28)
      In the field of soft condensed matter and in particular, microfluidics, the understanding of surface tension is vital. Interfacial tension (IFT), fundamentally defines liquid interactions at the micro-scale. To give some ...
    • Ohmic Contacts for Wide Bandgap Devices 

      Mehra, Zen (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-05)
      Bipolar devices based on GaN and SiC have gained tremendous popularity as an alternative to Si based devices, primarily due to the ability to sustain high temperature and high voltage operations that can be attributed to ...
    • Optimal State-Feedback and Output-Feedback Controllers for the Wheeled Inverted Pendulum System 

      Katariya, Ashish Santosh (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-05-12)
      Vehicles characterized as wheeled inverted pendulums have received recent attention in the robotics community. This thesis illustrates the process of designing optimal state-feedback and output-feedback controllers for the ...
    • Size Switching in Multi-agent Formation Control 

      Coogan, Samuel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-05-12)
      Formation control among a team of mobile robots is a common problem considered in multi-agent research, yet there are still formation control applications in which no control technique exists. In particular, motion planning ...
    • A sparse coding model of V1 produces surround suppression effects in response to natural scenes 

      Del Giorno, Allie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-05-08)
      Recent electrophysiology research has made significant advancements toward revealing the neural basis of early visual processing. The brain is optimized to draw conclusions from natural scenes, and models of the human ...
    • The Closed Loop Optimization of Deep Brain Stimulation Programming 

      Singh, Ravinderjit (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-07-18)
      Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a procedure used to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease. The current procedure for programming the parameters for DBS is time consuming and prone to error. The DBS programming ...