In 2016, the College of Architecture was renamed the College of Design. The College of Design use the design process to develop new technologies, anticipate the future of buildings and environments, and change the way people experience art, things and their immediate surroundings.

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  • Sustainable Cities Studio Final Report (2018) 

    Chasteen, Fletcher; Finkelstein, Will; Garcia, Michelle; Kronowski, Danielle; Nakajima, Christi; Ventura, Ariella; Weinberg, Emma; Weinberg, Yonaton; Yang, Taotao (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018)
    This interdisciplinary studio aims to demonstrate that any major can contribute to sustainable community development. We partnered with Central Atlanta Progress to advance two goals of the 2017 Downtown Atlanta Master Plan: ...
  • Shape Machine Symposium - Panel and Final Discussion 

    Earl, Chris; Flemming, Ulrich; Knight, Terry; McKay, Alison; Shelden, Dennis; Stiny, George (2019-04-11)
  • Shape Machine and Architecture Theory 

    Ligler, Heather (2019-04-11)
  • Shape Machine and Parametrics 

    Park, James (2019-04-11)
  • Shape Machine and Shape Signature 

    Hill, Cvetelina (2019-04-11)
  • Shape Machine and Interpreters 

    Hong, Tzu-Chieh Kurt (2019-04-11)
  • Interactive Introduction to Shape Machine 

    Economou, Athanassios; Hong, Tzu-Chieh Kurt (2019-04-11)
    The talk presents the current state-of-the-art of the Shape Machine, a new computational, visual and disruptive technology, to leading experts in various fields including AI, engineering, computer science, mathematics and ...
  • Shape Machine Symposium - Welcome Remarks 

    Leigh, Nancey Green; Marble, Scott (2019-04-11)
    This symposium presents the current state-of-the-art of the Shape Machine, a new computational, visual and disruptive technology, to leading experts in various fields including AI, engineering, computer science, mathematics ...
  • Do Robots Increase Wages? 

    Leigh, Nancey Green; Lee, Heonyeong; Kraft, Benjamin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-02-11)
    Paper published in the Western Regional Science Association (WRSA) 58th Annual Meeting.
  • Development and implementation of a decision support tool for the Atlanta Beltline: final report 

    Ross, Catherine L.; Elliot, Michael L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-07)
    The Beltline Tax Allocation Advisory Committee (TADAC) together with the Atlanta Beltline Inc. (ABI) contracted with the Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development and its partners from Georgia Tech ...
  • Formal methods for specifying product model views: development of a national BIM standard & IFC semantics for model views 

    Eastman, Charles; Venugopal, Manu (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-07)
    Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and Facilities Management (FM) involve domains that require a very diverse set of information and model exchanges to fully realize the potential of digital design and construction. ...
  • Introducing New Voices in Design Research 

    Leslie, Grace; Marks, Lisa; Rakha, Tarek (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-03-14)
    The forums are an opportunity for us to share our design- and technology-focused research. This academic year we have several new faculty members producing compelling work. We have invited some of them to introduce their ...
  • International Urban Design Studio 2018, Kyojima-Sumida District, Tokyo 

    Ali, Abaan; Binder, Robert; Chen, Boruo; Coulter, Ghazaleh; Davis, Tate; Dyess, Chelsea; Garcia Baez, Ricardo; Horadam, Nathaniel; Kim, Rebekah; Kimura-Thollander, Phillippe; Lancaster, Zachary; Marinelli, Abigail; McKay, Alyssa; Sepkowitz, Isabel; Starbuck, Zachary; Steidl, Paul; Tanglao, Jed Mick; Van Dyke, Rebecca; Waldon, James; Walls, Daniel; Wu, Yanlin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-04)
    The Tokyo Smart City Studio is a practical capstone project housed within the Eco Urban Lab at Georgia Tech’s School of City and Regional Planning and School of Architecture. Throughout the four-month semester, students ...
  • International Urban Design Studio 2017, Urawa-Misono District, Tokyo 

    Aragon, Abigail; Binder, Robert; Brasgalla, Karina; French, Emma; Garnett, Dontrey; Hicks, Zachary; Koo, Bonwoo; Lancaster, Zachary; Moreno, Marcela; Pang, Gabriel Jian; Ray, Ellen; Rencurrell, Sean; Samartzis, Patricia; Steidl, Paul; Veriah, Revathi Roopini; Yang, Wenhui; Zeng, Tianran (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-04)
    In the face of critical concerns about climate change and explosive urban population growth, cities worldwide are beginning to explore how “Smart City” approaches can address these challenges. The 2017 Urban Design Studio ...
  • Powder Springs: Corridor and Connectivity Plan 

    Agnew, Agnew, Darian T.; Bleckley, Claire; Denison, Jack; Graszer, Grace; Greenwald, Jeremy; Hanus, Andrew; Healy, Clare; Ma, Jiayan; Scott, Eric; Sherman, Jonathan; Stephens, Nick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-12)
    Powder Springs charged the studio to focus its attention on two of the major access corridors into the city, Powder Springs Road from the east and Austell-Powder Springs Road from the southeast. In contemplating and then ...
  • Navigating the Art and Science of the Landscape 

    Kim, Mikyoung (2019-03-06)
    Mikyoung Kim shares the work of the Mikyoung Kim Design firm and their research and development of landscapes that focus on environmental and physiological health and well being in the public realm in a lecture titled, ...
  • Cultivating Connections: A Housing & Economic Development Implementation Strategy for the Mechanicsville Neighborhood of Atlanta 

    Barrett, Grace; Burge, James; Carter, Melody; Coyle, Tyler; Davison, Brianna; Furman, Seth; Sherman, Andrea; Smith, Andrew; Smith, Michael; Wolfe, Andreas (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-12)
    The future of Mechanicsville has been laid out in several previous plans, but they have resulted in little additional development for the neighborhood. Rather than creating another plan, the goal of this studio was to ...
  • Linking Buford Highway Redevelopment with the Peachtree Greenway, Brookhaven, GA 

    Carmenate, Sigal; Dodson, Christy; Douglass, Sara; Epstein, Dara; Erwin, Alexandra; French, Megan; Hirt, Mary; McIntosh, Chris; Caitlin, Mildner; Rogers, Ian Michael; Saxton, John; Waidhas, Kelsey (2017-12)
    The sponsor and client for this studio was the City of Brookhaven, where the 3-mile long Buford Highway was identified as a rapidly transforming character area in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The goal of the Studio was ...
  • Gateway 85 Community Improvement District, Jimmy Carter Blvd, GA 

    Browne, Samantha; Diacetis, Bryan; Diwangkari, Andyan; El Joundi, Imane; Galloway, Allison; Glass, Gordon; Ijaz, Mishele; Johnson, Erin; Meng, Chao; Sawyer, Sarina; Kumar, Jeevan Sanjay Senthil; Thayer, Chris (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-12)
    This studio set out to develop a comprehensive understanding of the diverse, rich, and vibrant Gateway 85 Gwinnett Community Improvement District. From that, our purpose was to create a placemaking framework to spotlight ...
  • GT EQiA Forum: Identity, Inclusion, Power 

    Bushehri, Yousef; Infantry, Heather; McPhail, Leeland; Noel, Vernelle; Satcher, Wanona; York, Liz (2019-02-28)

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