English 1102 Composition - Fall 2007 - Mad Housers Installations


Professor T. Hugh Crawford's English 1102 class on Dwelling Studies and Homelessness looked into ideas of home, and consequently, the idea of lacking home. Part of their studies involved the homeless and in particular, the Mad Housers, a nonprofit group founded 20 years ago at Tech. The Mad Housers construct low-cost temporary housing for homeless clients in the Atlanta area.

The class constructed its own Mad Houser hut in the Skiles Courtyard and invited anyone to stop by and spend a few minutes in the hut, see what's inside, dwell a little, and sign the guest book.

In January 2008 the hut was reconstructed as part of an second exhibit titled: A History of the Mad Housers which took place in the Neely Lobby of the Georgia Tech Library.

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