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    • The American Exhibit at the Great Exhibition, 1851 

      Medina, Joyce D. (2014-09-03)
      Joyce D. Medina, Lecturer in the School of Industrial Design, shares some of the most popular attractions of the Great Exhibition, as well as the American exhibits and its impact on the exhibition as a whole.
    • Architecture, Phantasmagoria, and the Culture of Contemporary Capitalism - Introduction 

      Andreotti, Libero; Lahiji, Nadir (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      This symposium addresses the concept of phantasmagoria in architecture, unearthing its various manifestations in the contemporary culture of spectacle. Participants from a variety of fields at the intersection of ...
    • Architecture, Phantasmagoria, and the Culture of Contemporary Capitalism - Panel 

      Cronan, Todd; Johnston, George B.; Marratt, Marisabel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      Panel discussion on Architecture, Phantasmagoria, and the Culture of Contemporary Capitalism.
    • The Builders: Fox, Henderson and Company 

      Bowen, Brian (2014-09-03)
      Brian Bowen, Professor of the Practice of Building Construction, discusses the mobilization of the construction industry to assemble the cast iron and glass behemoth known as The Crystal Palace.
    • Construction Logistics and Discussion 

      Bowen, Brian (2014-09-03)
      Brian Bowen, Professor of the Practice of Building Construction, discusses the logistics of The Crystal Palace's construction.
    • Culture of Circulation 

      Ockman, Joan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      Once upon a time, in the days when modern architecture was young, circulation through a building was primarily a functional problem. By the mid-twentieth century, when the monument building morphed into the ...
    • The Decoration: Owen Jones and Color in Design 

      Hollengreen, Laura (2014-09-03)
      Laura Hollengreen, Associate Professor of Architecture, discusses the design and decoration of The Crystal Palace by designer Owen Jones.
    • The Designer: Joseph Paxton / The Building 

      Craig, Robert M. (2014-09-03)
      Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Robert Craig, discusses The Crystal Palace's innovative design and the particular and unusual skills that its architect brought to bear on the project.
    • The Gothic Imagination: From Castle to Shipwreck 

      Cohen, Margaret (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      The gothic is a term designating a style in medieval architecture, which inspired a mode of the imagination in the Enlightenment and Romantic era. This mode found its fullest expression in narrative, popularized by ...
    • Haunts: A Eulogy to Phantasmagoria 

      Gilloch, Graeme (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      My aim in this paper is to rethink and reconfigure the notion of phantasmagoria not as forms of deception and domination (myth, fetishism, illusion, dreaming) but rather as sites of and encounters with ‘gatherings of ...
    • Industrial Materials and The Crystal Palace 

      Usselman, Steven W. (2014-09-03)
      Steve Usselman, Chair of the School of History, Technology, and Society, will provide critical information about the growing scope and efficiency of industrial production, particularly of coal and iron, which were critical ...
    • Introduction [Great Buildings & Structures that Made a Difference: The Crystal Palace, London, 1851] 

      French, Steve; Hollengreen, Laura (2014-09-03)
      Symposium introduction by the Dean of the College of Architecture, Steve French. "Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations", brief overview of the 1851 World's Fair exhibition, presented by Laura Hollengreen.
    • Introduction: Vagueness of Parts 

      Johnston, George; Spuybroek, Lars (2014-03-29)
    • Materials and Structural Engineering 

      Kahn, Lawrence (2014-09-03)
      Professor Lawrence F. Kahn, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, discusses the structural engineering of The Crystal Palace.
    • Panel Discussion [Matter Thinks! Symposium] 

      Spuybroek, Lars; Trummer, Peter; Ingold, Tim; Zaera-Polo, Alejandro (2014-03-29)
    • Performance: The Thermal Environment (Or, Keeping Cool) 

      Brown, Jason (2014-09-03)
      Assistant Professor of Architecture, Jason Brown, assess the potentially challenging conditions for climate control for The Crystal Palace and its overall environmental performance.
    • Re-origination of Urban Matter 

      Trummer, Peter (2014-03-29)
    • Space After Spectacle: Infrastructure, Indifference and the Phantasmagoria of Transit 

      Spencer, Douglas (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      Andreotti and Lahiji’s The Architecture of Phantasmagoria presents an incisive critique of the discourse of spectacle in architecture. ‘Spectacle’, they note, has become the ‘tired mantra’ of a supposedly critical ...
    • A Specter is Haunting Babel - The Specter of Language 

      Kishik, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      Urban theology begins with a biblical tale of two cities: Enoch, built by Cain, and Babel, destroyed by God. The fact that the pithy primeval story in Genesis 1-11 finds it necessary to develop separate critiques of ...
    • Tesselated Envelopes 

      Zaera-Polo, Alejandro (2014-03-29)