Thick brain slice cultures and a custom-fabricated multiphoton imaging system: progress towards development of a 3D hybrot model

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Title: Thick brain slice cultures and a custom-fabricated multiphoton imaging system: progress towards development of a 3D hybrot model
Author: Rambani, Komal
Abstract: Development of a three dimensional (3D) HYBROT model with targeted in vivo like intact cellular circuitry in thick brain slices for multi-site stimulation and recording will provide a useful in vitro model to study neuronal dynamics at network level. In order to make this in vitro model feasible, we need to develop several associated technologies. These technologies include development of a thick organotypic brain slice culturing method, a three dimensional (3D) micro-fluidic multielectrode Neural Interface system (µNIS) and the associated electronic interfaces for stimulation and recording of/from tissue, development of targeted stimulation patterns for closed-loop interaction with a robotic body, and a deep-tissue non-invasive imaging system. To make progress towards this goal, I undertook two projects: (i) to develop a method to culture thick organotypic brain slices, and (ii) construct a multiphoton imaging system that allows long-term and deep-tissue imaging of two dimensional and three dimensional cultures. Organotypic brain slices preserve cytoarchitecture of the brain. Therefore, they make more a realistic reduced model for various network level investigations. However, current culturing methods are not successful for culturing thick brain slices due to limited supply of nutrients and oxygen to inner layers of the culture. We developed a forced-convection based perfusion method to culture viable 700µm thick brain slices. Multiphoton microscopy is ideal for imaging living 2D or 3D cultures at submicron resolution. We successfully fabricated a custom-designed high efficiency multiphoton microscope that has the desired flexibility to perform experiments using multiple technologies simultaneously. This microscope was used successfully for 3D and time-lapse imaging. Together these projects have contributed towards the progress of development of a 3D HYBROT. ----- 3D Hybrot: A hybrid system of a brain slice culture embodied with a robotic body.
Type: Thesis
Date: 2007-01-11
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
Subject: Cortical slices
Thick brain slices
Perfusion methods
Multiphoton microscope
Organotypic thick brain slice cultures
Hippocampus (Brain)
Brain chemistry
Tissue slices
Neural networks (Neurobiology)
Multiphoton excitation microscopy
Department: Bioengineering
Advisor: Committee Chair: Potter, Steve; Committee Member: Bellamkonda, Ravi V.; Committee Member: Nichols, Richard T.
Degree: M.S.

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