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Recent Submissions

  • Georgia Tech and Dalton State College's CARPET Research Facilities and Activities 

    Cook, Fred L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    CARPET (Center And Research Program in Engineered Tufts) is an endowed program established by the carpet and allied industries to support research related to the floorcoverings sector. It provides a link between academic ...
  • Update on Carpet As an Alternative Fuel for Cement Kilns 

    Realff, Matthew J.; Clark, James L.; Cook, Fred L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    Cement kilns have a tremendous appetite for energy. Carpet has a relatively high value of energy content due to its high fraction of polymer material, and its calcium carbonate filler is a feed for cement kilns. This talk ...
  • Nyloboard Building Materials 

    Bacon, Forrest; Holland, Wendell; Weitz, Jack; Kelly, Patrick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    Three new categories of building materials are discussed, all made from needle-punched mats obtained from shredded carpet: (1) "Nyloprime" is made with a two-component adhesive mixture that undergoes foaming reaction to ...
  • GeoHay Products from Carpet Waste 

    Weitz, Jack (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    GeoHay™ erosion and sediment control products are made from recycled fibers. This talk discusses their characteristics in comparison with traditional products.
  • From Used Carpets to Raw Materials for the Plastic Industry - Experiences and Opportunities in USA and Europe 

    Schneider, Rulf; Dr. Poppe AG (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    The activities of Dr. Poppe AG are based on the experiences made with one of the major projects, Polyamid 2000 AG, Premnitz/Germany (close to Berlin), which is capable of processing European as well as American carpets in ...
  • Miscellaneous Information 

    Park, Chunghee; Kang, Tae-Jin; Kim, Soo-min (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    Abstract of a poster paper: Effect of Oxygen Plasma Treatment on Hydrophilicity and Biodegradability of Poly(butylene succinate) / by Chunghee Park, Soo-min Kim, Tae-Jin Kang, Seoul National University. Papers that were ...
  • Patents as Fences to Protect Ideas and Properties 

    Kelly, Patrick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    No matter how much good they might do, very few ideas can be or will be developed and commercialized, unless the profit opportunity can justify the investments. Patents serve as fences that can be built around properties, ...
  • CENSOR™ Centrifuge Technology for Plastic Separation 

    Roth, Juergen (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    Component separation after shredding is a key step to recover valuable plastics from commingled waste such as carpet. This presentation will discuss technologies for separating plastics, particularly the CENSOR Technology ...
  • Latest Recycling Machinery Developments for Extrusion of Synthetic Fiber and Carpet Waste 

    Strzelecki, Chris (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    Latest machinery breakthroughs in repelletizing synthetic fiber, nonwovens and carpet waste will be discussed. Different materials (PET, Nylon, PP) and economic factors (energy usage, labor, capital equipment cost, floor ...
  • An Overview of Commercial Recycling Technologies and Textile Applications for the Products 

    Hawn, Kenneth L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    A broad overview is provided on commercial equipment for size reduction, densification, pelletizing. washing and sorting. Processes for converting the recovered materials into plastic parts, fibers and films will be discussed.
  • Manufacturing Polyester Fiber from Recycled Raw Materials 

    Bouchillon, Randy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-14)
    This presentation outlines the processes for recycling polyester raw materials. Sources of the major recycled waste streams are discussed, including examples of the materials. The fiber manufacturing process is reviewed, ...
  • National Recycling Agreement: the Next Phase in Carpet Stewardship 

    Hurd, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    This presentation summarizes the agreement which establishes an ambitious ten-year schedule to increase the amount of reuse and recycling of post-consumer carpet and reduce the amount of waste carpet going to landfills for ...
  • CARE - A Market and Product Development Update 

    Peoples, Robert (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    CARE is now up and running. The key to the success for carpet recycling will be the creation of products and markets that are cost competitive. This talk will provide a review of CARE efforts to support the development of ...
  • Panel Discussion on Carpet Recycling 

    Peoples, Robert; Bertolucci, Michael D.; Cook, Fred L.; Ewadinger, Matthew D.; Hurd, Frank; Poppe, Werner A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    The Industry has set a goal to recycle 1.5 billion pounds of carpet per year by 2012. Panelists from industry, government and academia will lead the discussion on challenges to achieve the goal and actions to make this a reality.
  • Nylon Boards from Carpet Waste for Building Applications 

    O'Blennis, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    Ny-Board is a plastic sheet material made from recycled nylon carpet. This talk describes the process, product characteristics, and applications of Ny-Board.
  • Preliminary Process Design for Depolymerizing Nylon 6 Carpet in a Twin Screw Extruder 

    Muzzy, John D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    Preliminary design and economic evaluations will be presented for the depolymerization of nylon 6 carpet in a twin screw extruder. The effects of plant size and selected processing conditions on crude caprolactam conversion ...
  • Integrated Caprolactam and Hydrogen Production from Post-Consumer Nylon 6 Carpet 

    Evans, Robert J.; Scahill, John; Looker, Michael; Elam, Carolyn C.; Bash, Thomas; Czernik, Stefan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    This talk discusses a thermocatalytic process performed in an extruder to first convert nylon 6 into caprolactam. The organic residue can be subsequently converted to hydrogen in a catalytic fluid bed reformer. The hydrogen ...
  • Decentralised Technology for the Sorting of Textile Floor Coverings 

    Bohnhoff, Andreas; Petershans, Jorg (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    Carpet Recycling Europe GmbH (CRE), an initiative of the European carpet industry, has developed the world's first automatic sorting plant for used carpets with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes/year close to Mainz (Rhine-Main ...
  • LCA Analysis of Carpeting - a Discussion of Challenges, Progress and Future Directions 

    Realff, Matthew J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    LCA is a maturing area and tools exist for evaluating the environmental and economic performance of many products - including carpet. When the reverse component of the life cycle of carpet is incorporated into the analysis ...
  • LEED: Sustainability Goes Mainstream 

    Hoffmann, Steve (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-05-13)
    A review of the US Green Building Council's 13-step LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system citing case studies and forecasting the impact on the building and carpet industries. ...

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