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    • A KAM Theorem for Hamiltonian Networks with Long Ranged Couplings 

      Geng, Jiansheng; Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
      We consider Hamiltonian networks of long ranged and weakly coupled oscillators with variable frequencies.
    • Largest-Fit Selection of Random Sizes under a Sum Constraint: Comparisons by Weak Convergence 

      Boshuizen, Frans A.; Kertz, Robert P. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995-05)
    • Least Energy Solutions of Semilinear Neumann Problems and Asymptotics 

      Pan, Xing-Bin; Xu, Xingwang (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994)
      The asymptotic behavior of the least energy solutions of the semilinear Neumann problems involving critical Sobolev exponent on a bounded domain in R^4 is studied. The effect of the geometry of the boundary and the critical ...
    • Least Squares Approximate Feedback Linearization 

      Banaszuk, Andrzej; Świech, Andrzej; Hauser, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994-07)
      We study the least squares approximate feedback linearization problem: given a single input nonlinear system, find a linearizable nonlinear system that is close to the given system in a least squares (L_2) sense. A ...
    • Lévy Processes in Cones of Banach Spaces 

      Pérez-Abreu, Víctor; Rocha-Arteaga, Alfonso (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-11)
      Subordinators in Banach spaces are studied. The existence of the special Lévy-Khintchine representation is related to the geometry of the space and a Pettis integral with respect to the underlying Lévy measure. Rates of ...
    • A Local Variational Principle of Pressure and Its Applications to Equilibrium States 

      Huang, Wen; Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004)
    • Malaria Epidemics and the Sickle-Cell Gene Dynamics 

      Feng, Zhilan; Yi, Yingfei; Zhu, Huaiping (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
      A mathematical model incorporating both malaria epidemics and human population genetics of the sickle-cell gene is studied. The dynamics of the model can be separated into two time-scales with a faster time-scale for the ...
    • Metapopulation Dynamics with Migration and Local Competition 

      Feng, Zhilan; Yi, Yingfei; Zhu, Huaiping (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
      Many patch-based metapopulation models assume that the local population within each patch is at its equilibrium and independent of changes in patch occupancy. We study a metapopulation model which explicitly incorporates ...
    • A Metapopulation Model with Explicit Local Population Dynamics 

      Feng, Zhilan; Swihart, Robert; Yi, Yingfei; Zhu, Huaiping (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-07-19)
      Many patch-based metapopulation models assume that the local population within each patch is at its equilibrium and independent of changes in patch occupancy. We studied a metapopulation model that explicitly incorporates ...
    • Morse Theory on Spaces of Braids and Lagrangian Dynamics 

      Ghrist, Robert W.; Van den Berg, J. B.; Vandervorst, R. C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)
      In the first half of the paper we construct a Morse-type theory on certain spaces of braid diagrams. We define a topological invariant of closed positive braids which is correlated with the existence of invariant sets of ...
    • Nekhoroshev and Kam Stabilities in Generalized Hamiltonian Systems 

      Li, Yong; Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
      We present some Nekhoroshev stability results for nearly integrable, generalized Hamiltonian systems which can be odd dimensional and admit a distinct number of action and angle variables. Using a simultaneous approximation ...
    • New Ramsey Bounds from Cyclic Graphs of Prime Order 

      Calkin, Neil J.; Erdös, Paul; Tovey, Craig A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995-09)
      We present new explicit lower bounds for some Ramsey numbers. All the graphs are cyclic, and are on a prime number of vertices. We give a partial probabilistic analysis which suggests that the cyclic Ramsey numbers grow ...
    • Non-Oscillatory Hierarchical Reconstruction for Central and Finite Volume Schemes 

      Liu, Yingjie; Shu, Chi-Wang; Tadmor, Eitan; Zhang, Mengping (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-10-30)
      This is the continuation of the paper "central discontinuous Galerkin methods on overlapping cells with a non-oscillatory hierarchical reconstruction" by the same authors. The hierarchical reconstruction introduced therein ...
    • Nonlinear Oscillations and Multiscale Dynamics in a Closed Chemical Reaction System 

      Li, Yongfeng; Qian, Hong; Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
      We investigate the oscillatory chemical dynamics in a closed isothermal reaction system described by the reversible Lotka-Volterra model. This is a three-dimensional, dissipative, singular perturbation to the conservative ...
    • Nonparametric estimation for Levy processes with a view towards mathematical finance 

      Figueroa-Lopez, Enrique; Houdré, Christian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004-11)
      Nonparametric methods for the estimation of the Levy density of a Levy process X are developed. Estimators that can be written in terms of the "jumps" of X are introduced, and so are discrete-data based approximations. A ...
    • The Number of Independent Sets in a Grid Graph 

      Calkin, Neil J.; Wilf, Herbert S. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995-07)
    • On a Class of Aperiodic Sum-Free Sets 

      Calkin, Neil J.; Erdös, Paul (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994-10)
      We show that certain natural aperiodic sum-free sets are incomplete that is that there are infinitely many n not in S which are not a sum of two element of S.
    • On a transformation of Bohl and its discrete analogue 

      Harrell, Evans M., II; Wong, Manwah Lilian (Georgia Institute of TechnologyAmerican Mathematical Society, 2013)
      Fritz Gesztesy’s varied and prolific career has produced many transformational contributions to the spectral theory of one-dimensional Schrödinger equations. He has often done this by revisiting the insights of great ...
    • On Almost Automorphic Dynamics in Symbolic Lattices 

      Berger, Arno; Siegmund, Stefan; Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
      We study the existence, structure, and topological entropy of almost automorphic arrays in symbolic lattice dynamical systems. In particular we show that almost automorphic arrays with arbitrarily large entropy are typical ...
    • On Almost Automorphic Oscillations 

      Yi, Yingfei (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
      Almost automorphic dynamics have been given a notable amount of attention in recent years with respect to the study of almost periodically forced monotone systems. There are solid evidences that these types of dynamics ...