The National Electric Energy Testing, Research and Applications Center (NEETRAC) is a nonprofit, member supported electric energy research, development and testing center, housed in the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Widely recognized as one of the world's foremost electric energy research, testing and evaluation centers, NEETRAC is engaged in a wide spectrum of innovative activities.

  • NEETRAC nurtures and sustains the engineering environment where innovative electric energy systems/subsystems can be designed and operational technologies/methods can be proposed, evaluated and tested
  • NEETRAC provides the venue where the electric power industry and the information processing industry may converge to define, design, test and implement the integrated energy and information distribution systems of the future
  • NEETRAC provides the technical and human resources required to sustain and enhance domestic end-user equipment development to ensure broad and timely deployment of innovative technologies
  • NEETRAC plays a seminal role in standard setting and in providing key testing capabilities at the national level
  • NEETRAC provides the educational environment to develop a human resource base of well-qualified engineers and scientists by developing educational curricula that can be transferred to other institutions.

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