• Ancestry, Admixture and Selection in Colombian Genomes 

      Jordan, King (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-04-08)
    • Evolutionary Role of DNA Methylation in Animal Genomes 

      Yi, Soojin V. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-10-21)
      DNA methylation is a primary epigenetic mechanism involved in several regulatory and developmental processes. In this talk, I will focus on the molecular evolutionary role of DNA methylation. An important property of DNA ...
    • Towards an Evolutionary Synthetic Biology 

      Gaucher, Eric A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-11-10)
      Evolution is the unifying theory behind biology, and has entered the mainstream of computational and molecular biology as a result of genomics. Nevertheless, evolutionary ideas today only barely influence the practice ...
    • The Two Unknowns of Nucleosomes: How They Are Formed and How They Are Removed 

      Kim, Harold (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-03-13)
      In eukaryotes, the genomic DNA is highly packaged inside the nucleus of a cell by forming beads-on-a string-like structure called nucleosomes. The propensity of a ~150-bp duplex DNA to form a nucleosome, termed the ...