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  • The Rise of Fake News 

    Klein, Hans; Lozier, Sarah; Wright, Jason; Viars, Karen; (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-16)
    Fake news, misleading news and clickbait: This panel is an opportunity to explore what fake news is, where it comes from, how it affects us and what we can do to mitigate it in a world where information is becoming more ...
  • Atari Age: The Emergence of Video Games in America 

    Newman, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-02)
    During their decade of emergence ‐‐ from 1972, when Pong was introduced, to the height of Pac‐Man Fever in 1982 ‐‐ the new medium of video games was understood in contradictory ways. Would video games embody middle‐class ...
  • Visualizing Computer History's Archives 

    Allen, Kera J.; Shelby, Renee; Usselman, Steven (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-01-19)
  • Patents and Trademarks - Invention and Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion 

    Bray, Terry; Fletcher, Jason; Reaves, Christopher; Solomon, Harold (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-25)
  • Digital Forensics 

    Fox, Barbara; Messick, Beth; Waugh, Dorothy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-11-15)
    Researchers, educators, and practitioners discuss applications of digital forensics technologies, from law enforcement to literary archives.
  • Patents and Intellectual Property 

    Razavi, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-02-23)
    An overview of intellectual property and patents by Michael Razavi, Intellectual Property Outreach Educator and Senior Advisor in the Office of Innovation Development at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Georgia Tech Faculty Panel: Perspectives on Open Access 

    Fortnow, Lance; Chang, Michael; Yoganathan, Ajit P.; Best, Michael L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-23)
  • Faculty Panel: Open Access and the Digital Humanities 

    Bogost, Ian; Herrington,TyAnna; Wharton, Robin; Varner, Stewart; Croxall, Brian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-25)
  • Information Now: Open Access and the Public Good 

    Hagenmaier, Wendy; Rolando, Lizzy; Rascoe, Fred; Cohen, Dan; George, Christine; Watkins, Kari; Suber, Peter; Chang, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-21)
    Every year, the international academic and research community dedicates a week in October to discuss, debate, and learn more about Open Access. Open Access in the academic sense refers to the free, immediate, and online ...
  • Clough Commons Research Study 

    Bennett, Charlie; Doshi, Ameet; Hunt, Dottie; Kumar, Shilpi; Noyes, Caroline; Whitmer, Susan T. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-07)
    For many students, the undergraduate experience has become less transformative and more transactional. The integrated planning goals for Georgia Institute of Technology's Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, based on ...
  • Envisioning the Library for the 21st Century: Learning, Research, Community 

    Lippincott, Joan K. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-08)
  • Open Access & Data Management Are Do-Able Through Partnerships 

    Choudhury, Sayeed (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-06)
  • Embracing Change, Empowering Scholarship 

    Haricombe, Lorraine J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-06)
  • Open Notebook Science: Transparency in Research 

    Bradley, Jean-Claude (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-10-23)
    This presentation will outline strategies for collecting, processing, and disseminating chemical information as Open Data. Bradley will discuss melting point and solubility datasets and models. In his talk, Bradley will ...
  • Digital Resource Commons: A Case Study in Collaborative Repository Development 

    Davison, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-08)
    The Ohio Library and Information Network is an organization of 90 Ohio college and university libraries working together to provide the 600,000 students, faculty and staff of Ohio's higher education community with access ...
  • Digitization Service for the GALILEO Knowledge Repository Grant 

    Carter, Andy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-09)
    Overview of grant responsibilities, Digital Library of Georgia (DLG), content and metadata committee, GKR Drupal site, scanning at DLG, standards/workflow, cost estimate/time, and issues/communications/lessons learned.
  • Future Trends - Panel 

    Donohue, Tim; McDonald, Robert H.; Skinner, Katherine; Walters, Tyler O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-08)
    Moderated panel on future trends in inter-institutional approaches to supporting scholarly communication.
  • GKR Interface Customizations 

    Etienne, Patrick K.; Gilbertson, Keith; Hansard, Larry (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-09)
    Customizing the GKR interface, creating a new home page, creating new help and about pages, changing communities to disciplines, adding the institution index, modifying the advanced search types, modifying the simple item ...
  • Content Submission 

    Oguz, Fatih; Yang, Changwoo (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-09)
    Content approval process for digitization, distributed nature of the content, GKR metadata guidelines, virtual internship, intern selection criteria, intern training process and procedures, challenges and lessons learned.
  • GKR Mapping Tool 

    Anderson, Bill; Baxter, Brad; Hansard, Larry (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-08-09)
    OAI harvesting introduction, harvesting from DSpace, harvesting from Digital Commons, initial harvest/incremental harvest, DSpace built-in harvester vs. command line, mapping tool data, cron jobs, and mapping tool overview.

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