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    • Atari Age: The Emergence of Video Games in America 

      Newman, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-02)
      During their decade of emergence ‐‐ from 1972, when Pong was introduced, to the height of Pac‐Man Fever in 1982 ‐‐ the new medium of video games was understood in contradictory ways. Would video games embody middle‐class ...
    • Clough Commons Research Study 

      Bennett, Charlie; Doshi, Ameet; Hunt, Dottie; Kumar, Shilpi; Noyes, Caroline; Whitmer, Susan T. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-07)
      For many students, the undergraduate experience has become less transformative and more transactional. The integrated planning goals for Georgia Institute of Technology's Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, based on ...
    • Digital Forensics 

      Fox, Barbara; Messick, Beth; Waugh, Dorothy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-11-15)
      Researchers, educators, and practitioners discuss applications of digital forensics technologies, from law enforcement to literary archives.
    • Discussion Panel 

      Best, Michael L.; Mark, Leo; Nickerson, John M.; Roper, Kathy; Walters, Tyler O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • Doing Science in the Open 

      Nielsen, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-10-03)
      The internet is causing a radical change in how science is done. In this talk I'll describe how mass online collaborations are being used to prove mathematical theorems; how online markets are allowing scientific problems ...
    • Embracing Change, Empowering Scholarship 

      Haricombe, Lorraine J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-06)
    • Envisioning the Library for the 21st Century: Learning, Research, Community 

      Lippincott, Joan K. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-08-08)
    • Expanding the Reach of Your Research: An Open Forum on Authorship and Your Intellectual Property 

      Harrell, Evans M., II; Beck, Joseph M.; Herrington, TyAnna K.; Harvey, Stephen C.; Bobick, Aaron (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-10-21)
    • Faculty Panel: Open Access and the Digital Humanities 

      Bogost, Ian; Herrington,TyAnna; Wharton, Robin; Varner, Stewart; Croxall, Brian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-25)
    • Frost Moon book talk 

      Francis, Anthony G., Jr. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-09-01)
      Georgia Tech alumnus Anthony Francis will read from his urban fantasy novel Frost moon and talk about it and its sequel, Blood rock. Both books in this series are set in Atlanta and include a scientific twist on the urban ...
    • The Future of Scholarly Publishing and the Open Access Debate 

      Luce, Richard E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • Georgia Tech Faculty Panel: Perspectives on Open Access 

      Fortnow, Lance; Chang, Michael; Yoganathan, Ajit P.; Best, Michael L. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-23)
    • Introduction 

      Murray-Rust, Catherine; Walters, Tyler O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • IP ecosystem, entrepreneurs, and sustainable technology companies 

      Shlevin, Harold H. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-03)
    • John M. Nickerson, Ph.D. 

      Nickerson, John M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • Kathy Roper 

      Roper, Kathy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • Leo Mark, Ph.D. 

      Mark, Leo (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-10-23)
    • Library Roles & Faculty Motivations 

      Van Orsdel, Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-10-15)
      Lee Van Orsdel, Dean of University Libraries at Grand Valley State University, will give an overview of the major issues in scholarly communication focusing on understanding faculty motivations for participation in the ...
    • Local Resources for Inventors 

      Savage, Dave; Reardon, Ron; Oruc, Cem (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-03)
    • Making Sense of Science 

      Porter, Alan L.; Carley, Stephen; Melkers, Julia; Xiao, Fang (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-11-01)
      Rapid changes occurring in scientific fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology increase the challenges technology managers and science policy makers alike face when determining the best ...