Collaboration on the interpretation of DIII-D experiments (supported, in part, by DOE Grant ER54538)

Recent Submissions

  • SABR Dynamical Safety Analysis 

    Stacey, Weston M.; Sumner, Tyler Scott; Van Rooijen, W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    A model was developed to simulate the coupled dynamics of a sub-critical fast reactor fueled with transuranics (TRU), a DT tokamak fusion neutron source and the heat removal and secondary systems. Several types of accident ...
  • SABR Fuel Cycle Analysis 

    Stacey, Weston M.; Sommer, Christopher; Van Rooijen, W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    Various fuel cycles for a sodium cooled, subcritical, fast reactor, SABR, with a fusion neutron source for the transmutation of light water reactor spent fuel have been analyzed. All fuel cycles were 4-batch, and all but ...
  • Comparison of the Theoretical and Experimental Heat Diffusivities in the DIII-D Edge plasma 

    Stacey, Weston M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    Predictions of theoretical models for ion and electron heat diffusivity have been compared against experimentally inferred values of the heat diffusivity profile in the edge plasma of two H-mode and one L-mode discharge ...
  • Calculation of SOL and Divertor Plasma Properties 

    Stacey, Weston M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    A complex variety of interacting phenomena determine the properties of the plasma in the scrape-off layer (SOL) and divertor of a tokamak. These phenomena have been modeled in, two-dimensional plasma edge codes, which ...
  • HEP Benchmarking Activity 

    Stacey, Weston M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    A group of people are collaborating in the comparison experimental thermal diffusivities inferred from experimental data measured in the edge pedestal of DIII-D H-mode discharges using different codes. I am providing ...
  • Edge Pedestal Structure and Transport Interpretation in DIII-D (In the absence of or in between ELMs) 

    Stacey, Weston M.; Groebner, Richard J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
  • Implementation of the GTNEUT 2D Neutrals Transport Code for Routine DIII-D Analyses 

    Stacey, Weston M.; Rognlien, Thomas D.; Groebner, Richard J.; Friis, Zachary Ward (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    The Georgia Tech Neutral Transport (GTNEUT) code is being implemented to provide a tool for routine analysis of the effects of neutral atoms on edge phenomena in DIII-D. GTNEUT can use an arbitrarily complex two-dimensional ...