• Edge Pedestal Structure and Transport Interpretation in DIII-D (In the absence of or in between ELMs) 

      Stacey, Weston M.; Groebner, Richard J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    • HEP Benchmarking Activity 

      Stacey, Weston M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
      A group of people are collaborating in the comparison experimental thermal diffusivities inferred from experimental data measured in the edge pedestal of DIII-D H-mode discharges using different codes. I am providing ...
    • Implementation of the GTNEUT 2D Neutrals Transport Code for Routine DIII-D Analyses 

      Stacey, Weston M.; Rognlien, Thomas D.; Groebner, Richard J.; Friis, Zachary Ward (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
      The Georgia Tech Neutral Transport (GTNEUT) code is being implemented to provide a tool for routine analysis of the effects of neutral atoms on edge phenomena in DIII-D. GTNEUT can use an arbitrarily complex two-dimensional ...
    • SABR Dynamical Safety Analysis 

      Stacey, Weston M.; Sumner, Tyler Scott; Van Rooijen, W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
      A model was developed to simulate the coupled dynamics of a sub-critical fast reactor fueled with transuranics (TRU), a DT tokamak fusion neutron source and the heat removal and secondary systems. Several types of accident ...
    • SABR Fuel Cycle Analysis 

      Stacey, Weston M.; Sommer, Christopher; Van Rooijen, W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
      Various fuel cycles for a sodium cooled, subcritical, fast reactor, SABR, with a fusion neutron source for the transmutation of light water reactor spent fuel have been analyzed. All fuel cycles were 4-batch, and all but ...