Healthy aging in the community necessitates a multidisciplinary approach that is the confluence of design, planning, building construction, technology, rehabilitation and service provision inputs. To facilitate this, DATHA provides a forum that integrates the various individual efforts at Georgia Tech and the community into a unified, holistic approach.

Design and Technology for Healthy Aging Initiative at GA Tech goals include:

  • Serve as a catalyst for interdisciplinary communities of practice and academic-industry partnerships to support R&D for healthy aging;
  • Provide an opportunity for generating faculty interest in interdisciplinary research and design related to healthy aging;
  • Educate and engage students and professionals about the needs for healthy aging;
  • Develop a mechanism for responding to needs of older adults, clinicians and practitioners and for deploying solutions to support healthy aging in Georgia
  • Provide a forum for designers and developers to obtain feedback on new designs and technologies

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