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    • The Voyager Record 

      Bennett, Charlie; Doshi, Ameet; Hagenmaier, Wendy; Rascoe, Fred (Georgia Institute of TechnologyWREK, 2016-05-27)
      Discussion portion of Lost in the Stacks episode 305, broadcast May 27, 2016. Features discussion about the Golden Record carried to interstellar space by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft.
    • Women's History Month 

      Doshi, Ameet; Bennett, Charlie; Tomajko, Kathy; Guan, Joy; Riggle, Colleen; Tait, Kyle (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-03-12)
      Podcast version of March 12th, 2010, broadcast of Lost in the Stacks. Hosted by Ameet Doshi and Charlie Bennett. Produced by Kyle Tait. Includes interviews with Kathy Tomajko (Georgia Tech librarian), Joy Guan (Georgia ...