This section of ENGL 1101 focuses on technology and its relationship to the human body and human communication. More specifically, we will ask how improvements in implant technology, cryonics, new media, and neurobiology might be transforming questions of human rights, disability, life, death and writing. We will also explore the promise and peril of movements like transhumanism and posthumanism through technologies that change the human body and alter the context of writing and communication. How does technology transform what we mean by an "able" body, or a "human body," or a "posthuman" body? Furthermore, if the human body is malleable, might it not be productive to consider human communication as medium-specific and the human body itself as only one medium amongst many? As we explore the various components making up multi-modal writing, we will translate between various bodies ("dis"abled, human, cybernetic, virtual) and various different types of communication (oral, written, visual, virtual, spatial).

Recent Submissions

  • Cochlear Implant Sonata 

    Robnett, Timothy; Woodard, Gregory; Echols, Steven Mark; Slay, Danal (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-11-11)
    The performance is a student-created skit, originally submitted as an assignment in a section of instructor Roger Whitson's Fall 2009 English 1101 class (ENGL 1101 A1 - English Composition I) which focused on technology ...