• Heterogeneous Teams of Modular Robots for Mapping and Exploration 

      Grabowski, Robert; Navarro-Serment, Luis E.; Paredis, Chris; Khosla, Pradeep K. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000)
      In this article, we present the design of a team of heterogeneous, centimeter-scale robots that collaborate to map and explore unknown environments. The robots, called Millibots, are configured from modular components ...
    • Millibots: The Development of a Framework and Algorithms for a Distributed Heterogeneous Robot Team 

      Paredis, Chris; Khosla, Pradeep K.; Grabowski, Robert; Navarro-Serment, Luis E. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2002)
    • Modularity in Small Distributed Robots 

      Navarro-Serment, Luis E.; Grabowski, Robert; Paredis, Chris; Khosla, Pradeep K. (Georgia Institute of TechnologySociety of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, 1999-09)
      This paper describes the development of small mobile robots for collaborative surveillance tasks. Each of the robots, called Millibots, has only limited sensing, computation, and communication capabilities. However, ...