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    • Incidental Infrastructure: Interstates 75-85, Atlanta, Georgia 

      Dagenhart, Richard (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)
    • Subdivision and Zoning, Crabapple, Georgia 

      Allen, Doug; Peponis, John; Dalton, Ruth (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)
    • Projects in Chattahoochee Hill, Atlanta, Georgia 

      Dagenhart, Richard (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004)
    • Growth Management, Samboronden, Ecuador 

      Gamble, Michael; Roark, Randy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004)
      The Canton of Samborondon, over the past nine months, has undertaken a planning process to determine the course of growth over the next 25 - 35 years in this rapidly growing Canton adjacent to Ecuador’s largest city, ...
    • Rehabitation of Deira and Bur Dubai 

      Achey, Shauna K.; D'Agostino, C. Scott; Stacy, Chad M.; Williams, Jeffery F. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
    • Sustainable Roots: Salt Lake City 

      Williams, Jeffrey; Amichandwala, Jimmy; Brady, Sean; Rangwala, Huzefa (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007)
    • Resurgent Networks: Los Angeles 

      Bacon, Kevin; Stacy, Chad; Achey, Shauna K.; Mosley, Erin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
      Sustainable development is three fold: economic, socio-cultural, and environmental. The future of Boyle Heights and its surrounding areas should adapt a holistic approach to reconnecting the community through the promotion ...
    • Chattanooga Downtown Westside 2009 

      Branum, Cassie; Finkelsten, Aria; Thompson, Claire; Caimbeul, David; Duong, Binh; Kovacheva, Maria; Faraci, Alexis; Hussey, Heather; Thorn, Robert; Wilhelm, Jeremy; Winters, Joseph (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
      Professors: Richard Dagenhart, Perry Yang This Urban Design Proposal for Chattanooga’s Westside was a collaborative venture among faculty and students in the Master of Science in Urban Design and the Master of City and ...
    • Articulating Everyday Space, Denver 2009 

      Branum, Cassie; Finkelstein, Aria; Kovacheva, Maria; King, Ben; Lawrence, Nathan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
      Denver has fared better than most American cities in the recent global economic downturn. Over the past decade, Denver’s real estate market has not expanded as rapidly as in other fast-growing U.S. cities. The city enjoys ...
    • Copenhagen 2009 

      Branum, Cassie; Caimbeul, David; Dong, Binh; Finklestein, Aria; Kovacheva, Maryia (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
    • Luijazui:Pudong: Retrofits 

      Rogers, Lord Richard; Perrault, Dominique; Ito, Toyo; Fuksas, Massimilian; Getty, Drew; Thompson, Claire; Williams, Gaylan; Bo, Song; Mendez, Gina; Xiaoxue, Sheng (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-12)
    • International Urban Design Studio : Shanghai 2010 

      Getty, Drew; Thompson, Claire; Williams, Galen; Jones, Paul; Murphy, Diana; Tabor, Reginald; Johnson, Louis; Sanders, Julie; Ghizoni, Renato; Morrow, Edward; Wallace, Ross (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      In response to a lack of urbanity and a voided public realm, this project is an attempt to redefine the fabric of Lujiazui through tactical interventions in the urban landscape. Part of our approach is to accept the existing ...
    • Re-Envisioning the Market: San Diego 

      Tolentino, Arman; Ghizoni, Renato; Tabor, Reggie; Curlet, Alex; Smith, Trent (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Today’s unprecedented market conditions of simultaneous low real estate demand and low capital investment have severely altered the economic landscape. In order to redevelop San Diego’s East Village, an area with ...
    • Brookwood Alliance Plan 

      Duy, Laurence Nguyen; Bano, Salma; Lawrence, Nathan; Lee, Sandy So-Jung; Delinsky, Michael; Tittle, Derrick; Tuura, Logan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Brookwood is located on the periphery of the core of Atlanta. The neighborhood sits between the major urban growth poles of Buckhead to the north and Midtown to the south. The Brookwood Alliance is comprised of the four ...
    • Lessons from Ten Cities 

      Presley, Gabriel; Piatkowski, Robert; Perko, Claire; Ali, Najia; Johns, Gavin; Beza, Beza A.; Bacher, Emily; Wilkinson, Luke W.; Bush, Dereth; Yu, Jianqiu; Perez-Carro, Carlos F.; Einarsson, Amber; Ciccone, Sarah; Spaht, Holden C.; Herndon, Joshua; Fuson, Ellen; Mooney, Amanda; Radomski, Kirsten; Herndon, Joshua (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      This project focuses on the primary ingredient of urban form: the subdivision of urban territory into public and private domains (or public and private usage in some situations). Every project in existing urban cores - ...
    • From Strip Mall to Small Town: The Incremental Redevelopment of a Parking Lot 

      Buck, Alysha (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      My research indicates that the most vibrant historic plazas exhibit Evolution of Place, Civility, and Tophophilia, yet these qualities seem to be absent from many of Atlanta’s public spaces. By looking to the Medieval City ...
    • Stadium Neighborhoods TAD: Urban Design Strategy for Stakeholder Decisions, Atlanta 2010 

      Branum, Cassie; Combs, Jason; Hawthorne, Dane (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      The Stadium Neighborhoods Tax Allocation District is aligned with the City’s focus on three major areas to promote economic development: create healthy neighborhoods and quality of life; expand economic opportunity; and ...
    • Educating The Edge City: Anchoring a Mixed Use Neighborhood with a College Campus 

      Farr, Robert (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      A variety of uses are stronger when integrated together than apart. By integrating a community college into a mixed-use redevelopment of a strip mall, I am resolving two distinct problems: fragmentation in edge cities ...
    • The Trace: San Diego 

      Thompson, Claire; Combs, Jason; Johnson, Louis; Wilkinson, Luke; King, Ben (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Three overlapping systems exist within the context of the East Village site: The Geologic Setting is the most fundamental of systems San Diego sits atop the seam of two vast tectonic plates, the jagged movements of ...
    • Beyond Metrics: Designing the Master Street Plan 

      Knight, Paul (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Our current system of development regulations attempts to mechanize the design process by molding the complexities of urbanism into simple and naive ratios. This regulatory machine acts only on the parcel and fails to ...