• Downtown Atlanta 2041: Autonomous Vehicles and A-Street Grids 

      Dunham-Jones, Ellen; Blakeley, Meredith; Bonn, Sarah Jane; Goldstein, Eric; Huang, Shijia; McMullen, Meghan; Pang, Lu; Payson, Mikhail; Reeves, Blake; Scott, Stacy; Shrestha, Animesh (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-08)
      Downtown Atlanta 2041 is a speculative look 25 years into the future at the opportunities available to build on parking lots and create a walkable network of Class A streets and distinctive neighborhoods around Downtown’s many ...
    • Equitable, Ecological, Transit-Oriented Development 

      Dunham-Jones, Ellen; Alawamleh, Yasmeen; Ashok, RajhaSurya; Dave, Neerja; Duan, Ruiyan; Ghosh, Debmalya; Huang, Shuyi; Johnson, Jennifer; Li, Siqi; Ma, Hoaxing; Moo-Young, Tiffany; Majid, Moutushi; Oh, Yeinn; Siodmok, Naomi; Xu, Jingxin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019)
      What if the proposed MARTA light rail down Campbellton Road to the proposed new transit hub near the Greenbriar Mall were designed to drive revitalization in the area that was equitable and ecological? Six proposals by ...
    • The Junction 

      Bonn, Sarah Jane; Date, Chirag; Stephens, Patrick; Pang, Lu; Eghbalzad, Pegah (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016)
    • South Downtown Atlanta: Improvements to the Public Realm 

      Dunham-Jones, Ellen; Alzaabi, Mariam; Choi, Jiho; Dickinson, Coston; Dodson, Christy; Hong, Fenghuan; Khandekar, Tejas; Lancaster, Zachary; Ling, Tianqi; Rickles, Carley; Stephen, Sam (Sam Stephen Raj Baskar Sundara Raj); Vijayanand, Karen; Xue, Bowen; Yao, Zeyue; Zha, Yilun; Zhang, Wenyue W. (Winnie) (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018)
      A report by the fall 2016 MSUD studio of proposals for immediately implementable and longer-term improvements to the public realm in South Downtown Atlanta and the Government District. Designs for 14 scattered sites focus ...