Recent Submissions

  • Directed Evolution in Live Coding Music Performance 

    Dasari, Sandeep; Freeman, Jason (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-10-24)
    Genetic algorithms are extensively used to understand, simulate, and create works of art and music. In this paper, a similar approach is taken to apply basic evolutionary algorithms to perform music live using code. Often ...
  • Promoting Intentions to Persist in Computing: An Examination of Six Years of the EarSketch Program 

    Wanzer, Dana Linnell; McKlin, Thomas (Tom); Freeman, Jason; Magerko, Brian; Lee, Taneisha (Georgia Institute of TechnologyTaylor & Francis, 2020-01-21)
    Background and Context: EarSketch was developed as a program to foster persistence in computer science with diverse student populations. Objective: To test the effectiveness of EarSketch in promoting intentions to persist, ...
  • Storage in Collaborative Networked Art 

    Freeman, Jason (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
    This chapter outlines some of the challenges and opportunities associated with storage in networked art. Using comparative analyses of collaborative networked music as a starting point, this chapter explores how networked ...