Georgia Tech Communications & Marketing is the Institute's full-service, in-house marketing and communications resource. Our purpose is to promote the Georgia Institute of Technology's brand identity and provide professional communications and marketing support to the Georgia Tech campus.

We have a passion for increasing awareness about the Institute and preserving the long-standing integrity of its brand image. Thus, one of our primary goals is to ensure consistency in messaging across all forms of communication. Our responsibilities include Institute-level communications and the management of Georgia Tech's visual identity. Our wide range of capabilities enables us to effectively tell the Georgia Tech story to many different internal and external audiences.


Formerly known as Institute Communications and Public Affairs (ICPA), the name was changed to Communications & Marketing in 2008.

Georgia Tech's Office of Institute Communications and Public Affairs, or ICPA, collaborated with the Institute's administration in formulating Tech's strategic communications goals and implemented strategic communications initiatives designed to reach those goals.

In its role as a strategic communications consultant, ICPA helped campus units identify their key audiences, planned communications strategies that were customized for those audiences, produced products that helped implement communications goals, and measured the success of communications initiatives.

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