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dc.contributor.authorArkin, Ronald C.
dc.contributor.authorUlam, Patrick D.
dc.contributor.authorWagner, Alan R.
dc.description.abstractAs humans are being progressively pushed further downstream in the decision-making process of autonomous systems, the need arises to ensure that moral standards, however defined, are adhered to by these robotic artifacts. While meaningful inroads have been made in this area regarding the use of ethical lethal military robots, including work by our laboratory, these needs transcend the warfighting domain and are pervasive, extending to eldercare, robot nannies, and other forms of service and entertainment robotic platforms. This paper presents an overview of the spectrum and specter of ethical issues raised by the advent of these systems, and various technical results obtained to date by our research group, geared towards managing ethical behavior in autonomous robots in relation to humanity. This includes: (1) the use of an ethical governor capable of restricting robotic behavior to predefined social norms; (2) an ethical adaptor which draws upon the moral emotions to allow a system to constructively and proactively modify its behavior based on the consequences of its actions; (3) the development of models of robotic trust in humans and its dual, deception, drawing on psychological models of interdependence theory; and (4) concluding with an approach towards the maintenance of dignity in human-robot relationships.en_US
dc.publisherGeorgia Institute of Technologyen_US
dc.subjectAutonomous robotsen_US
dc.subjectRobot ethicsen_US
dc.subjectUnmanned systemsen_US
dc.titleMoral Decision-making in Autonomous Systems: Enforcement, Moral Emotions, Dignity, Trust and Deceptionen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameGeorgia Institute of Technology. College of Computing
dc.contributor.corporatenameGeorgia Institute of Technology. Mobile Robot Laboratory

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