• The Expectation Maximization Algorithm 

      Dellaert, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
      This note represents my attempt at explaining the EM algorithm. This is just a slight variation on Tom Minka's tutorial, perhaps a little easier (or perhaps not). It includes a graphical example to provide some intuition.
    • Line-Based Structure From Motion for Urban Environments 

      Schindler, Grant; Krishnamurthy, Panchapagesan; Dellaert, Frank (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2006-06)
      We present a novel method for recovering the 3D-line structure of a scene from multiple widely separated views. Traditional optimization-based approaches to line-based structure from motion minimize the error between ...
    • A Rao-Blackwellized Parts-Constellation Tracker 

      Schindler, Grant; Dellaert, Frank (Georgia Institute of TechnologySpringer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2005)
      We present a method for efficiently tracking objects represented as constellations of parts by integrating out the shape of the model. Parts-based models have been successfully applied to object recognition and tracking. ...