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    • Course development: software engineering for robots 

      Christensen, Henrik I. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-12-17)
    • Design and Development of a Dynamically-Balancing Holonomic Robot 

      Reynolds-Haertle, Saul; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
      This paper describes the design, control, and construction of Golem Wing, the first vehicle which both balances dynamically and has entirely holonomic ground movement. A nonstandard linear arrangement of mecanum wheels ...
    • Detecting Partially Occluded Objects via Segmentation and Validation 

      Levihn, Martin; Dutton, Matthew; Trevor, Alexander J. B.; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)
      This paper presents a novel algorithm: Verfied Partial Object Detector (VPOD) for accurate detection of partially occluded objects such as furniture in 3D point clouds. VPOD is implemented and validated on real sensor ...
    • Diverse Workspace Path Planning for Robot Manipulators 

      Quispe, Ana Huamán; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-07)
      We present a novel algorithm that generates a set of diverse workspace paths for manipulators. By considering more than one possible path we give our manipulator the flexibility to choose from many possible ways to execute ...
    • Dynamic Characterization of KUKA Light-Weight Robot Manipulators 

      Huckaby, Jacob; Christensen, Henrik I. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)
      High precision tasks are an important part of the manufacturing industry. For example, safety constraints require that some manufacturing must be done to a very high degree of accuracy. Robotics and automation are well ...
    • The Effect of Robot Performance on Human-­‐Robot Trust in Time-­‐Critical Situations 

      Robinette, Paul; Wagner, Alan R.; Howard, Ayanna M. (2015-01)
      We vary the ability of robots to mitigate a participant’s risk in a navigation guidance task to determine the effect this has on the participant’s trust in the robot in a second round. A significant loss of trust was ...
    • Efficient Opening Detection 

      Levihn, Martin; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
      We present an efficient and powerful algorithm for detecting openings. Openings indicate the existence of a new path for the robot. The reliable detection of new openings is especially relevant to the domain of Navigation ...
    • Equations of Motion for Dynamically Stable Mobile Manipulators 

      Dantam, Neil; Kolhe, Pushkar; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-12-14)
    • Factor Graphs and GTSAM: A Hands-on Introduction 

      Dellaert, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-09)
      In this document I provide a hands-on introduction to both factor graphs and GTSAM. Factor graphs are graphical models (Koller and Friedman, 2009) that are well suited to modeling complex estimation problems, such as ...
    • Goal Reasoning: Papers from the ACS Workshop 

      Aha, David W.; Anderson, Tory S.; Bengfort, Benjamin; Burstein, Mark; Cerys, Dan; Coman, Alexandra; Cox, Michael T.; Dannenhauer, Dustin; Floyd, Michael W.; Gillespie, Kellen; Goel, Ashok K.; Goldman, Robert P.; Jhala, Arnav; Kuter, Ugur; Leece, Michael; Maher, Mary Lou; Martie, Lee; Merrick, Kathryn; Molineaux, Matthew; Muñoz-Avila, Héctor; Roberts, Mark; Robertson, Paul; Rugaber, Spencer; Samsonovich, Alexei; Vattam, Swaroop S.; Wang, Bing; Wilson, Mark (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-05-28)
      This technical report contains the 14 accepted papers presented at the Workshop on Goal Reasoning, which was held as part of the 2015 Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS-15) in Atlanta, Georgia on 28 May ...
    • Gravity and Drift in Force/Torque Measurements 

      Erdogan, Can; Zafar, Munzir; Stilman, Mike (2014)
    • Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics for the Humanoid Robot HUBO2+ 

      O’Flaherty, Rowland; Vieira, Peter; Grey, Michael; Oh, Paul; Bobick, Aaron; Egerstedt, Magnus; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013)
      This paper derives the forward and inverse kinematics of a humanoid robot. The specific humanoid that the derivation is for is a robot with 27 degrees of freedom but the procedure can be easily applied to other similar ...
    • Krang Kinematics: A Denavit-Hartenberg Parameterization 

      Erdogan, Can; Zafar, Munzir; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014)
    • Krang: Center of Mass Estimation 

      Zafar, Munzir; Erdogan, Can; Volle, Kyle; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014)
    • A List of Household Objects for Robotic Retrieval Prioritized by People with ALS (Version 092008) 

      Choi, Young Sang; Deyle, Travis; Kemp, Charles C. (Georgia Institute of, 2008-09)
      This technical report is designed to serve as a citable reference for the original prioritized object list that the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech released on its website in September of 2008. It is also expected ...
    • Mobile Manipulation in Domestic Environments Using A Low Degree of Freedom Manipulator 

      Huckaby, Jacob; Nieto-Granda, Carlos; Rogers, John G.; Trevor, Alexander J. B.; Cosgun, Akansel; Christensen, Henrik I. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)
      We present a mobile manipulation system used by the Georgia Tech team in the RoboCup@Home 2010 competition. An overview of the system is provided, including the approach taken for manipulation, SLAM, object detection, ...
    • The Motion Grammar: Linguistic Perception, Planning, and Control 

      Dantam, Neil; Stilman, Mike (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
      We present the Motion Grammar: a novel unified representation for task decomposition, perception, planning, and hybrid control that provides a computationally tractable way to control robots in uncertain environments ...
    • Older Adults' Acceptance of Assistive Robots for the Home 

      Mitzner, Tracy L.; Smarr, Cory-Ann; Beer, Jenay M.; Chen, Tiffany L.; Springman, Jennifer Megan; Prakash, Akanksha; Kemp, Charles C.; Rogers, Wendy A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
    • Rapid Loop Updates 

      Indelman, Vadim; Dellaert, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-09-11)
    • Supplementary Material to: IMU Preintegration on Manifold for Efficient Visual-Inertial Maximum-a-Posteriori Estimation 

      Forster, Christian; Carlone, Luca; Dellaert, Frank; Scaramuzza, Davide (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-05-30)