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    • A terradynamics of legged locomotion on granular media 

      Li, Chen; Zhang, Tingnan; Goldman, Daniel I. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science, 2013-03-22)
      The theories of aero- and hydrodynamics predict animal movement and device design in air and water through the computation of lift, drag, and thrust forces. Although models of terrestrial legged locomotion have focused on ...
    • Toward a dynamic climbing robot 

      Clark, Jonathan E.; Goldman, Daniel I.; Chen, Tao S.; Full, Robert J.; Koditschek, Daniel E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
      Simple mathematical models or ‘templates’ of locomotion have been effective tools in understanding how animals move and have inspired and guided the design of robots that emulate those behaviors. This paper describes a ...
    • Walking and running on yielding and fluidizing ground 

      Qian, Feifei; Zhang, Tingnan; Li, Chen; Masarati, Pierangelo; Birkmeyer, Paul; Pullin, Andrew; Hoover, Aaron; Fearing, Ronald S.; Golman, Daniel I. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-07)
      We study the detailed locomotor mechanics of a small, lightweight robot (DynaRoACH, 10 cm, 25 g) which can move on a granular substrate of closely packed 3 mm diameter glass particles at speeds up to 50 cm/s (5 body ...