• Autobed: A Web-Controlled Robotic Bed 

      Grice, Phillip M.; Chitalia, Yash; Rich, Megan; Clever, Henry; Evans, Henry; Evans, Jane; Kemp, Charles C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-02)
      We (the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech) have developed an additional module for an Invacare fully electric hospital bed (Model 5410IVC) so that the bed can be controlled from a web-based interface. This module ...
    • A List of Household Objects for Robotic Retrieval Prioritized by People with ALS (Version 092008) 

      Choi, Young Sang; Deyle, Travis; Kemp, Charles C. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyarXiv.org, 2008-09)
      This technical report is designed to serve as a citable reference for the original prioritized object list that the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech released on its website in September of 2008. It is also expected ...
    • Older Adults' Acceptance of Assistive Robots for the Home 

      Mitzner, Tracy L.; Smarr, Cory-Ann; Beer, Jenay M.; Chen, Tiffany L.; Springman, Jennifer Megan; Prakash, Akanksha; Kemp, Charles C.; Rogers, Wendy A. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)