The Technite (sometimes written as Tech Nite) was the student newspaper of the Georgia School of Technology's Evening School of Commerce from 1926-1932. Founded at the Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Tech) in 1913, the School of Commerce was located at Tech until 1934 and eventually became an independent entity, Georgia State University. The Georgia School of Technology was renamed the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1948.

These newspapers were scanned by the Georgia State University Archives at the Georgia State University Library. Please follow the links to the Georgia State University Library Digital Collections to view each issue. Thanks to the Georgia State University Library for granting permission to the Georgia Tech Archives to host the links in SMARTech.

The Technite was first published in 1926 (as "volume 1"), but note that issues October 1930-September 1931 are also designated "volume 1." However, by October 1931, numbering had restarted at volume number 4. The Georgia State University Archives does not contain a complete run of The Technite.

Links to issues of The Technite:

The Technite, 1926-12-01:

The Technite, 1926-12-15:

The Technite, 1930-10-20:

The Technite, 1930-11-17:

The Technite, 1930-12-15:

The Technite, 1931-01-20:

The Technite, 1931-02-18:

The Technite, 1931-09-00:

The Technite, 1931-10-12:

The Technite, 1931-12-15:

The Technite, 1932-02-05:

The Technite, 1932-03-04:

The Technite, 1932-05-16:

The Technite, 1932-10-20: