Publications and presentations by faculty of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Recent Submissions

  • Communicating Materials Systems Knowledge through Processing-Structure-Properties-Performance (PSPP) Maps 

    Goulding, Ashley N.; Leung, Jonathan F.W.; Neu, Richard W. (2018-01)
    Knowledge about the behavior of a specific materials system is concisely summarized in a Processing-Structure-Properties-Performance (PSPP) map. This is a useful tool that can effectively serve as a standard method of ...
  • Establishing Functional Concepts Vital for Design by Analogy 

    Tomko, Megan; Lucero, Briana; Turner, Cameron; Linsey, Julie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-10)
    Student designers and professionals alike have difficulty accessing appropriate analogies for design problems. Recognizing the advantages of Design-by-Analogy (DbA), the Design-Analogy Performance Parameter System (D-APPS) ...
  • A Review of University Maker Spaces 

    Barrett, Thomas; Pizzico, Matthew; Levy, Bryan D.; Nagel, Robert L.; Linsey, Julie S.; Talley, Kimberly G.; Forest, Craig R.; Newstetter, Wendy C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-06)
    This paper will present a review of university maker spaces compiling operational models (e.g., student-run, lab technician-run, faculty-run), pedagogical integration (e.g., capstone requiring use of Maker Spaces), and ...
  • University Maker Spaces: Discovery, Optimization and Measurement of Impacts 

    Morocz, Ricardo; Levy, Bryan D.; Forest, Craig R.; Nagel, Robert L.; Newstetter, Wendy C.; Talley, Kimberly G.; Linsey, Julie S. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-06)
    It is essential that modern engineers not only master engineering science and analysis, but they must also learn to drive the next generation of design, creation, and innovation. In parallel to the success of community ...
  • Performance and Characterization of TWIP Steels for Automotive Applications 

    Neu, R. W. (ASTM International, 2013-08)
    This article reviews the current state of the art in understanding TWinning--‐ Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steels with an emphasis on linking microstructure to the mechanical behavior through microstructure--‐aware constitutive ...