Technical reports produced by faculty and students in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Recent Submissions

  • Summary of the Development of GAPPS7 Computer Program 

    Barksdale, Richard D.; Zeevaert, Adolfo E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1981-09)
    This report briefly describes selected examples used to debug the GAPPS7 version of the FINITE ELEMENT PROGRAM FOR THE ANALYSIS OF GEOTECHNICAL PROBLEMS. Many of the examples used in developing this program are not, however, ...
  • Users Manual for Finite Element Program for the Analysis of Geotechnical Problems GAPPS7 

    Zeevaert, Adolfo E.; Barksdale, Richard D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1981-09)
    GAPPS7 is a computer program written in Fortran IV by Adolfo E. Zeevaert under the supervision of Richard D. Barksdale. This program was compiled and tested using the CDC CYBER 74 computer of the Georgia Institute of ...
  • Atlanta I-85 HOV-to-HOT Conversion: Analysis of Vehicle and Person Throughput 

    Guensler, Randall; Elango, Vetri; Guin, Angshuman; Hunter, Michael; Laval, Jorge; Araque, Santiago; Colberg, Kate; Castrillon, Felipe; D’Ambrosio, Kate; Duarte, David; Khoeini, Sara; Peesapati, Lakshmi; Sheikh, Adnan; Smith, Katie; Toth, Christopher; Zinner, Stephanie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10)
    This report summarizes the vehicle and person throughput analysis for the High Occupancy Vehicle to High Occupancy Toll Lane conversion in Atlanta, GA, undertaken by the Georgia Institute of Technology research team. The ...