• Gelation, Sous-Vide, and Caramelization - 6th Annual Squishy Physics Lecture 

      Ma, Tim; Sörensen, Pia (2017-03-04)
      The 6th Squishy Physics Saturday will discuss Gelation, Sous-Vide, and Caramelization. Lectures and demonstrations will be carried out by Helluva Engineer and Chef Tim Ma, and by Pia Sörensen, Preceptor of Food Science ...
    • Ice-Cream 

      Birnbaum, Molly; Coupland, John; Souza, Daniel (2016-05-07)
      This year, the Squishy Physics Saturday will focus on the exciting science of “Ice-cream”. Almost everyone loves the silky smooth taste of chocolate melting on their tongue. You might be surprised that a great deal of ...
    • The Physics of Food and Cooking - 1st Annual Squishy Physics Lecture 

      Andres, José; Brenner, Michael P.; Weitz, David A. (2012-03-10)
    • The Physics of Food and Cooking - 2nd Annual Squishy Physics Lecture 

      Blais, Richard; Perkowitz, Sidney; Rowat, Amy (2013-02-02)
      Manipulating the texture of foods is central to cooking. One common manipulation is to induce a phase transition, for example, from a solid to a liquid state, which can occur both during cooking and eating. In understanding ...