The Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage recognizes those around the world who, by standing up for clear moral principles in the social arena, have positively affected public discourse - at the risk of their own careers, their livelihoods, and even their lives.

The prize is funded in perpetuity by a grant from the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation.

Recent Submissions

  • Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and filmmaker Lorie Conway 

    Conway, Lorie; Mtetwa, Beatrice; Royster, Jacqueline J. (2014-11-11)
    "Beatrice Mtetwa and The Rule of Law" documentary film features one of the bravest lawyers in Africa -- Beatrice Mtetwa in Zimbabwe. In spite of beatings by police and being arrested and jailed, Beatrice has courageously ...
  • Presentation of the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage 2014 

    Denton, Travis; Mtetwa, Beatrice; Peterson, Peterson, George P. "Bud"; Royster, Jacqueline J. (2014-11-13)
    the 2014 Allen Prize Symposium honors Beatrice Mtetwa and her decades of work as a defender of human rights in Zimbabwe. This recognition of her work touches not only Zimbabwe but affirms a vision of a global community ...
  • A Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and Panelists 

    Hager, Sarah; Hunter-Gault, Charlayne; Mtetwa, Beatrice; Richardson, Deborah; Smith, Jeffrey; Stremlau, John (2014-11-13)
    This symposium brings together individuals whose work reinforces that of Beatrice Mtetwa. They stand as witnesses to the power of a personal commitment to justice and to the work of The Carter Center; The National Center ...