• Characteristics of Great Leaders 

      McDonald, Jay (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-01-20)
      "Great leaders are unforgettable. They're great because they're effective at what they do. However, like anything else, leadership skills come from time and experience, but also, constant learning." – Jay McDonald. Jay ...
    • Get Ready for the Real World: Entrepreneurship 

      Dyer, Ben J . (2016-09-19)
      Join us as we hear from serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Ben Dyer (IE 70) as he shares insight into the world of entrepreneurship and things he’s learned along the way.
    • GT International Alumni Panel: Job Discussion 

      Chandok, Tanveer; Kazungu, Liz; Adhi, Adhi; Valdes, Francisco Javier; Veve, Joseph Max, II (2017-03-16)
      Meet a panel of Georgia Tech alumni who are former international students. These alumni will give an informal discussion of how they navigated U.S. hiring cycles and workplace culture. There will be a Q&A session at the end.
    • Transformative Leadership 

      Clough, G. Wayne (2015-09-22)
      Dr. Clough embodies Tech's motto of Progress and Service. He has used his leadership abilities to improve and innovate here at our beloved Georgia Tech, as well as using his tenure as the Secretary of the Smithsonian to ...