Africa Atlanta organized a high-level design thinking Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit to share perspectives and experiences in shaping a project that will engage the leadership and innovative strengths of women in the U.S. and the global south. The summit was held from March 5 to 6, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. This summit, organized by Africa Atlanta, is part of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts’ Global Nexus initiative, a globally focused multidisciplinary ecosystem that encourages holistic thinking, facilitates connections and fosters the development of innovative models. It was hosted in partnership with Opportunity Hub/Kingonomics and leverages our collective strengths in innovation, entrepreneurship technology, logistics, capital formation and training.

Recent Submissions

  • Developing a Georgia Tech Based Program | Design Thinking Models 

    Royster, Jacqueline J. (2015-03-06)
    The participants define the criteria, need, location, and challenges/opportunities of a successful design model and identify potential partners (public, private, academic, etc.).
  • Panel Discussion [Women's Entrepreneurship Summit] 

    Bisrat, Saba; Jolley, Janelle; Khan, Shireen; Okonkwo Nwuneli, Ndidi; Royster, Jacqueline J. (2015-03-06)
    The participants share the designs that they are using and the value that's added by starting a new program.
  • Setting the Stage | Mapping the Ecosystem 

    Royster, Jacqueline J. (2015-03-06)
    The participants present on the results of their breakout session. The topics include their observations and experiences working with women entrepreneurs, evaluation of the existing environment for women entrepreneurs, ...
  • Welcome and Introductions [Women's Entrepreneurship Summit] 

    Royster, Jacqueline J. (2015-03-06)
    Dr. Royster welcomes participants to the summit and participants self-introduce and share interest in subject and share compelling issues facing women entrepreneurs. With the help and expertise of the participants, we ...