• EU-US relations in Challenging Times 

      O'Sullivan, David (2015-04-22)
      David O‘Sullivan, Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, will discuss the state of transatlantic relations, including the crisis in Ukraine, nuclear negotiations with Iran, the Transatlantic Trade and ...
    • Transatlantic Agenda 2016 

      Vicini, Caroline (2016-01-21)
      Caroline Vicini, Deputy Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, will speak on the "Transatlantic Agenda 2016," addressing the migration and refugee crisis, transatlantic trade negotiations, terrorism and more.
    • Achieving Individual Privacy and International Security Cooperation in a Shifting Landscape 

      Gencarelli, Bruno (2017-04-18)
      The Center for European and Transatlantic Studies at The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the Institute for Information Security & Privacy at Georgia Tech, and the Scheller College of Business host a one-day ...
    • Immigration, Race and Populism: Politics and Policy from Colonialism to Brexit 

      Givens, Terri (2018-10-17)
      With images of children in cages, separated from their parents, and would-be migrants floating on overloaded boats in the Mediterranean becoming fixtures in the news media, politicians are struggling to find solutions to ...
    • New Geostrategic Challenges Facing Our Western Alliance 

      Breedlove, Philip M. (2018-11-06)
      General Breedlove will be speaking about the geostrategic challenges that western allies face.