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    • Data Portability and Cross-Border Data Flows 

      Swire, Peter (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-10-09)
    • Defending against Advanced Return-Oriented Programming Attacks 

      Polychronakis, Michalis (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-21)
    • Defending Organizations in a Fast-Moving Cyber Arms Race 

      Krug, Rob (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-02-08)
      This presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of the latest trends, tactics, and news of the cyber threat landscape as seen from the eyes of a practicing security architect. Providing more than just breach detection, ...
    • Developing Secure Products 

      Man, Emil; Rajasekharan, Karun (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-02-01)
      [Emil Man] As part of Honeywell’s digitization of our business, we have been working on moving towards distributed computing through microservice architecture deployments. As we also work on moving our software products ...
    • Device Enhanced Authentication: Passwords and Second Factors 

      Shirvanian, Maliheh (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-01-11)
      Despite all the advancement in authentication schemes, text-based authentication is perhaps still the most common way of user authentication (e.g., textual passwords or personal identification numbers - PINs). However, ...
    • Differentially private change-point detection 

      Zhang, Wanrong (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-03-06)
      The change-point detection problem seeks to identify distributional changes in streams of data. Increasingly, tools for change-point detection are applied in settings where data may be highly sensitive and formal privacy ...
    • The Domestic Benefits of Subversive Foreign Propaganda: The RT (Russia Today) News Network and Geopolitical Muckraking 

      Klein, Hans (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-10-20)
      2017’s biggest news story has been Russia’s alleged use of social media to try to influence Western elections. Much criticism is directed towards, the “Russia Today” news network created in 2005 by the Russian ...
    • Efficiently Computing with Private Data 

      Heath, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-08-30)
      Today, individual users and organizations often wish to contribute their private data to compute functions of interest. Unfortunately, when data is deemed too valuable or is legally protected, such computation cannot be ...
    • Emulytics at Sandia: Emulation-based Modeling and Analysis of Computer Systems 

      Gabert, Kasimir (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-09-14)
      Emulation-based models of distributed computing systems are collections of virtual machines, virtual networks, and other emulation components configured to stand in for operational systems when performing experimental ...
    • Enabling Reconstruction of Attacks on Users via Efficient Browsing Snapshots 

      Vadrevu, Phani (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-01-27)
      In this talk, I present ChromePic, a web browser equipped with a novel forensic engine that aims to greatly enhance the browser’s logging capabilities. ChromePic’s main goal is to enable a fine-grained post-mortem ...
    • Energy System Cyber Security: An Overview 

      Meliopoulos, A.P. "Sakis" (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-08-23)
      The electric energy grid is a recognized critical infrastructure. It is vulnerable to self-disturbances as well as cyber-attacks. In particular cyber-attacks can cause from mild disruptions to serious damage that may take ...
    • Energy System Cybersecurity and Operational Reliability 

      Meliopoulos, A.P. "Sakis" (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-03)
      The electric energy grid is a recognized critical infrastructure. It is vulnerable to self-disturbances as well as cyber-attacks. In particular cyber-attacks can cause from mild disruptions to serious damage that may take ...
    • Enterprise Security at Georgia Tech 

      Koza, Kyle (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-03-09)
      This discussion will explore the operational security employed for students, faculty, staff and researchers at Georgia Tech as well as strategies and challenges faced by operational security teams inside large enterprises.
    • The Evolution of Modern Malware: Technology Trends and Motivations 

      Smoak, Christopher (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-11-04)
      Over the past decade, malware has continued to evolve to adapt to increasing pressure from prevention and detection technologies. Techniques that were relied upon previously are no longer effective, while some persist ...
    • Exposing Cross-Channel Abuse in Converged Communications Infrastructure with Text-Messaging Scams 

      Srinivasan, Bharat (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-31)
      Recent convergence of the Internet with the telecommunications infrastructure offers malicious actors the ability to craft cross-channel attacks that leverage both telephony and Internet resources. In this talk, we first ...
    • Fault injection as an attack vector against trustworthy embedded systems 

      Schaumont, Patrick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-28)
      In the Internet of Things, the cyber-world will use a huge number of small embedded computing elements to control and sense the real world. The integrity and trustworthiness of these embedded systems is crucial; their ...
    • Fighting Voice Spam with a Virtual Assistant 

      Pandit, Sharbani (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-02-21)
      Telephony has been a trusted channel in the past but technological advances have exposed it to abuse that is perpetrated by fraudsters and criminals. Mass robocalls, call source spoofing and voice phishing are some of the ...
    • Forward Leaning - Reshaping and Rethinking Cyber R&D 

      Greene, Kevin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-11-30)
      The state of art and the state of practice is not keeping up with today’s cyber challenges, and as a result, adversarial activities are becoming increasingly effective in disrupting mission capabilities. To close the gap ...
    • From the cockpit to cybersecurity: A cyber perspective from the nations first African-American Female Naval Flight Officer 

      Wright, Matice (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-02-22)
      Cybersecurity is essential for national security. Ms. Wright is a national security executive at ManTech International Corporation. ManTech is a trusted partner and leading systems integrator for the Department of Defense, ...
    • Function Equivalence with Symbolic Execution 

      Bittick, Kennon (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-04-16)
      Summarizing and comparing basic blocks or functions across different binaries or between binary and source code has many applications for program verification including verifying compilation, source or binary transformations, ...