Recent Submissions

  • Locally decodable codes and arithmetic progressions in random settings 

    Gopi, Sivakanth (2018-11-09)
    (1) A set D of natural numbers is called t-intersective if every positive upper density subset A of natural numbers contains a (t+1)-length arithmetic progression (AP) whose common differences is in D. Szemeredi's theorem ...
  • Large girth approximate Steiner triple systems 

    Warnke, Lutz (2018-09-28)
    In 1973 Erdos asked whether there are n-vertex partial Steiner triple systems with arbitrary high girth and quadratically many triples. (Here girth is defined as the smallest integer g \ge 4 for which some g-element ...
  • New Applications of the Polynomial Method to Problems in Combinatorics 

    Croot, Ernie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-13)
    Ernest Croot will discuss some new applications of the polynomial method to some classical problems in combinatorics, in particular the Cap-Set Problem. The Cap-Set Problem is to determine the size of the largest subset A ...