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  • Physics of the Medical Record 

    Hripcsak, George (2017-03-16)
    Dr. George Hripcsak will discuss the national push for electronic health records that will make an unprecedented amount of clinical information available for research, with approximately one billion patient visits documented ...
  • Inferring Host-Pathogen Interactions from Diverse Data Sources 

    Craven, Mark (2017-03-02)
    Dr. Craven discusses work in several studies that involve developing and applying predictive methods in order to characterize host-pathogen interactions. In the first study, we are focused on inferring host subnetworks ...
  • Use Cases of Big Data for Pharma 

    Dilley, Cynthia (2017-02-16)
  • Why Brains Need Computers: How Computer Science and Engineering Can Improve Neurology 

    Westover, Brandon (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-11-10)
    Expert level GO and chess are here, while self-driving cars and human-level computer vision and speech recognition are rapidly becoming realities. Meanwhile, despite hype about "precision medicine" and "big medical ...