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  • A Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based Healthcare Design 

    Ulrich, Roger S.; Zimring, Craig M.; Zhu, Xuemei; DuBose, Jennifer R.; Seo, Hyun-Bo; Choi, Young-Seon; Quan, Xiaobo; Joseph, Anjali (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008)
    This report surveys and evaluates the scientific research on evidence-based healthcare design and extracts its implications for designing better and safer hospitals.
  • Exploring the Concept of Healing Spaces 

    DuBose, Jennifer R.; MacAllister, Lorissa; Hadi, Khatereh; Sakallaris, Bonnie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018)
  • The Effect of Light on Sleep and Sleep-Related Physiological Factors Among Patients in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Review 

    Hadi, Khatereh; DuBose, Jennifer R.; Choi, Young-Seon (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Lighting is one of the environmental factors which can improve patient sleep in healthcare environments. Many research studies have been published on this topic, but due to the high degree of variation in study designs and ...
  • Estratégias de Design para Unidades de Bio-conteção: Criando Ambientes Mais Seguros 

    Matić, Zorana; Humphreys, Benton; DuBose, Jennifer (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Este artigo apresenta a síntese de uma pesquisa sobre o design de unidades de bio-contenção (UBC) que o SimTigrate Design Lab esteve engajado nos últimos 4 anos. Este documento propõe estratégias de design para projetar ...
  • 生物传染控制护理单元(Bio-Containment Unit): 从病人和医护人员的安全角度设计 

    Matić, Zorana; Humphreys, Benton; DuBose, Jennifer (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020)
    本文对美国相关的生物传染控制护理单元的研究和设计进行了收集整理,希望可以对中国的医疗设计有所帮助。本文着重翻译并介绍佐治亚理工学院建筑系的SimTigrate医疗设计实验室与埃默里大学和乔治亚州立大学共同研究发布的生物传染控制护理单元(Bio-Containment Unit)设计白皮书 (Matić, Humphreys, DuBose, 2020),并结合几个案例来解释生物传染控制护理单元的核心设计要素。
  • Design Strategies for Biocontainment Units: Creating Safer Environments. Translated into Farsi. 

    Matić, Zorana; Humphreys, Benton; DuBose, Jennifer (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020)
    This white paper presents a summary of the work on the design of biocontainment units (BCU) that the SimTigrate Design Lab has been engaged in for the past 4 years. This document outlines design strategies for designing a ...
  • 안전한 환경을 제공하기 위한 바이오 봉쇄병실 설계 전략 - Design Strategies for Biocontainment Units: Creating Safer Environments 

    Matić, Zorana; Humphreys, Benton; DuBose, Jennifer (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020)
    본 공개 보고서는 SimTigrate Design Lab 에서 지난 4년간 바이오 봉쇄병실 (Bio-containment Unit, BCU) 설계에 대해 연구해온 결과를 요약한 것입니다. 본 문서는 디자이너들(건축가와 실내 건축가) 과 시설관리자, 그리고 설계 연구자들에게 보다 안전하고 효율적인 BCU을 디자인하기 위한 전략을제공하고자 합니다. 여기에서 제공되는 설계 전략들이 현재 그리고 ...
  • Design Strategies for Biocontainment Units: Creating Safer Environments 

    Matić, Zorana; Humphreys, Benton; DuBose, Jennifer (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020-02-01)
    The SimTigrate Design Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology has engaged in research on the design of biocontainment units (BCU) for several years, from the perspectives of both healthcare worker safety and patient ...
  • Global Optimality Guarantees for Policy Gradient Methods 

    Russo, Daniel (2020-03-11)
    Policy gradients methods are perhaps the most widely used class of reinforcement learning algorithms. These methods apply to complex, poorly understood, control problems by performing stochastic gradient descent over a ...
  • Solving the Flickering Problem in Modern Convolutional Neural Networks 

    Sundaramoorthi, Ganesh (2020-02-12)
    Deep Learning has revolutionized the AI field. Despite this, there is much progress needed to deploy deep learning in safety critical applications (such as autonomous aircraft). This is because current deep learning ...
  • Delivery in the Age of the Shared Economy 

    Savelsbergh, Martin (2020-02-12)
    The success of on-demand platforms to obtain a ride, e.g., Uber and Lyft, which rely on crowd-sourced transportation capacity, has radically changed the view on the potential and benefits of crowd-sourced transportation ...
  • All of the Above: A Conversation About Higher Ed Admissions and Testing 

    Bello, Akil; Clark, Rick; Hernández, Diley; Selingo, Jeff; Turcotte, Heidi (2020-02-06)
    The panelists will share and explore the national landscape of standardized testing, as portrayed in "The Test & the Art of Thinking", and will share their own personal experiences with the intersection of standardized ...
  • The Local Character of Urban Air Mobility: Opportunities and Challenges 

    German, Brian J. (2020-01-15)
    Urban air mobility (UAM) with electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is emerging as a promising aviation market for both cargo delivery and passenger travel. The rise of UAM is being driven by the convergence ...
  • Question Answering, Event Knowledge, and other NLP Stuff: Forays into Reuse, Decomposition, and Control in Neural NLP Models 

    Balasubramanian, Niranjan (2020-01-15)
    In this three-part talk, I will present some of our recent efforts that aim to control and adapt neural models to work more effectively in target applications. The first part will focus on how to repurpose a pre-trained ...
  • Learning to Optimize from Data: Faster, Better, and Guaranteed 

    Wang, Zhangyang (2019-11-20)
    Learning and optimization are closely related: state-of-the-art learning problems hinge on the sophisticated design of optimizers. On the other hand, the optimization cannot be considered as independent from data, since ...
  • The Data-Driven Analysis of Literature 

    Bamman, David (2019-11-15)
    Literary novels push the limits of natural language processing. While much work in NLP has been heavily optimized toward the narrow domains of news and Wikipedia, literary novels are an entirely different animal--the long, ...
  • Digital Transformation of Last-Mile Delivery 

    Ratliff, Donald (2019-11-13)
    Last-mile delivery (i.e., the delivery of merchandise to a store or end user), is a prime target for digital transformation. It is the most expensive and fastest growing leg of the supply chain and often the most critical ...
  • A Discussion on Fairness in Machine Learning with Georgia Tech Faculty 

    Cummings, Rachel; Desai, Devan; Gupta, Swati; Hoffman, Judy (2019-11-06)
    Fairness in machine learning and artificial intelligence is a hot, and important topic in tech today. Join Georgia Tech faculty members Judy Hoffman, Rachel Cummings, Deven Desai, and Swati Gupta for a panel discussion on ...
  • Bringing Intelligent Supply Chain to Life: Practical Paths on Azure 

    Duggar, Keith (2019-10-23)
    Though building a Connected Intelligent Supply Chain can seem daunting, we say Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast. To that end, the Microsoft Azure ecosystem provides platforms, products, and services to accelerate incremental ...
  • NLP Approaches to Campaign Classification 

    Ahmed, Muhammed (2019-10-17)
    Mailchimp is the world's largest marketing automation platform. Over a billion emails are sent by it every day, which raises the question: what exactly are users sending? We'll do a deep dive into the natural language ...

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