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  • Operational and Tactical Analysis of Same-Day Delivery Distribution Systems 

    Toriello, Alejandro (2018-10-24)
    E-retail is a highly competitive segment that constantly demands innovation and process improvement. One such innovation rapidly gaining traction is same-day delivery (SDD); large e-retailers like Amazon are quite active ...
  • Supply Chain Innovation Showcase 

    Noble, Paul; Ruff, Amari (2018-09-26)
    A special session where two early stage companies will talk individually about their unique characteristics/problems solved. Amari Ruff from Sudu will present "How startups are pushing the Future of Transportation" to ...
  • Smart GT - Achieving Smart Communities Development at Georgia Tech 

    Lam, Debra (2018-08-29)
    Whether measured by expected market valuation, speed of technological change, or potential of data collection and analytics, smart cities development has become a vital area of growth for governments, the public and ...
  • Routing in the Physical Internet: Framework, Algorithms and Research Perspectives 

    Ballot, Eric (2018-04-06)
    The Physical Internet (PI) opens many more options to deliver goods to the end destination, thanks to interconnected services. To exploit such opportunities, routing algorithms must be developed at different levels to make ...
  • The Design and Operation of On-Demand Distribution Systems 

    Pazour, Jennifer (2018-04-04)
    Modern distribution systems need to fulfill a wide variety of requests quickly with little warning in small units to many dispersed locations at low costs. This is fundamentally different than yesterday’s demand, which ...
  • Applications of Machine Learning in the Supply Chain 

    Pokutta, Sebastian (2018-02-15)
    In this talk we will explore the possibilities of machine learning in supply chains and logistics. We will see that modern machine learning methods, often in a black box fashion, allow us to move from model-driven ...
  • Applications of IOT Technology in the Supply Chain 

    Clark, Russell (2018-01-24)
    The commoditization of sensor packages along with ubiquitous wireless communications has combined to make the Internet of Things a reality. The supply chain and logistics fields are undergoing dramatic changes based from ...
  • Recent Developments in Modeling City Logistics in Melbourne 

    Thompson, Russell G. (2018-01-22)
    The seminar will introduce City Logistics and describe recent models developed for improving the sustainability of goods movement in Melbourne, including a collaborative freight system for suppliers distributing goods to ...
  • The New Frontier of Data-Driven Price Optimization 

    Wang, He (2017-11-15)
    In practice, firms are often faced with pricing challenges including high demand uncertainty, limited inventory, and restrictions to conduct price experimentation. In this talk, I will discuss models and algorithms that ...
  • Additive Supply Chains 

    Das, Suman (2017-10-25)
    Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies build parts directly from digital data without any specialized or custom tooling. In the AM approach, a 3-D blueprint for an item can be downloaded from the cloud, and the item can ...
  • Applications of Simulation in Supply Chain Facility Analysis and Design 

    Goldsman, David; Alexopoulos, Christos (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-08-23)
    We will discuss the use of simulation as a tool for analyzing and improving supply chain performance. In particular, we will show how simulation can be used to (i) evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of a particular ...
  • Advances in Last Mile Logistics 

    Erera, Alan; Savelsbergh, Martin (2017-04-26)
  • Predictive Analytics within the Service Supply Chain 

    Gebraeel, Nagi Z. (2017-03-29)
    The Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech established the Center for Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Optimization. (PARO). The center focuses on two main thrust areas. The first thrust ...
  • Physical Internet: Concept, Research and Innovation 

    Montreuil, Benoit (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-22)