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    • Physical Internet: Concept, Research and Innovation 

      Montreuil, Benoit (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-22)
    • Predictive Analytics within the Service Supply Chain 

      Gebraeel, Nagi Z. (2017-03-29)
      The Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech established the Center for Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Optimization. (PARO). The center focuses on two main thrust areas. The first thrust ...
    • Project Management Profession – its Roots, Growth, and Future 

      Snyder, Jim (2019-09-09)
      The World of Project Oriented Work – From 1960 to 2019, History of PMI and Georgia Tech's Role, A Celebration of 50 Years, The Changing World of Managing Projects
    • Quantitative Methods in Health and Humanitarian Systems 

      Keskinocak, Pinar (2019-08-28)
      There are numerous opportunities in utilizing quantitative methods in health and humanitarian systems. There are often limited resources and multiple stakeholders in these settings, and efficient and effective decision-making ...
    • Recent Developments in Modeling City Logistics in Melbourne 

      Thompson, Russell G. (2018-01-22)
      The seminar will introduce City Logistics and describe recent models developed for improving the sustainability of goods movement in Melbourne, including a collaborative freight system for suppliers distributing goods to ...
    • Rethinking the Warehouse: Urban Space and Economy in an Age of Smart Logistics 

      Leigh, Nancey Green (2019-01-16)
      Urban logistics automation is collapsing traditional boundaries between storage and delivery, extending the warehouse presence in the built environment. At the same time, the growth of e-commerce combined with logistics' ...
    • Routing in the Physical Internet: Framework, Algorithms and Research Perspectives 

      Ballot, Eric (2018-04-06)
      The Physical Internet (PI) opens many more options to deliver goods to the end destination, thanks to interconnected services. To exploit such opportunities, routing algorithms must be developed at different levels to make ...
    • Scalable On-demand Mobility Services 

      Van Hentenryck, Pascal (2018-11-14)
      The convergence of several technology enablers, including ubiquitous connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and sophisticated analytics, provides unique opportunities to fundamentally transform mobility in the next decade. ...
    • Smart GT - Achieving Smart Communities Development at Georgia Tech 

      Lam, Debra (2018-08-29)
      Whether measured by expected market valuation, speed of technological change, or potential of data collection and analytics, smart cities development has become a vital area of growth for governments, the public and ...
    • Supply Chain Innovation Showcase 

      Noble, Paul; Ruff, Amari (2018-09-26)
      A special session where two early stage companies will talk individually about their unique characteristics/problems solved. Amari Ruff from Sudu will present "How startups are pushing the Future of Transportation" to ...