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    • Multimodal, Personable, and Knowledgeable Language Generation 

      Bansal, Mohit (2018-11-19)
      In this talk, I will discuss my group's recent work on state-of-the-art natural language generation (NLG) and dialogue models that are multimodal, personality-based, and knowledge-rich. First, we will discuss dialogue ...
    • Automated Perception in the Real World: The Problem of Scarce Data 

      Ernst, Jan (2018-11-30)
      Machine perception is a key step toward artificial intelligence in domains such as self-driving cars, industrial automation, and robotics. Much progress has been made in the past decade, driven by machine learning, ...
    • Contextual AI - The Next Frontier Towards Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence 

      Brdiczka, Oliver (2019-02-28)
      This talk motivates a more human-centric wave of AI, dubbed Contextual AI. Contextual AI does not refer to a specific algorithm or machine learning method - instead, it takes a human-centric view and approach to AI. The ...
    • Situated Natural Language Understanding 

      Misra, Dipendra (2019-03-08)
    • AI Driven Design Approach 

      Srivastava, Sanjeev (2019-04-03)
      Design Space Exploration (DSE) is an activity that is performed to systematically analyze several design points and then select the design(s) based on parameters of interest and design requirements. For complex systems, ...
    • Perception at Magic Leap 

      Swaminathan, Ashwin (2019-04-19)
      This talk presents the importance of Computer Vision and Deep learning techniques in making Magic Leap an effective spatial computing platform. The four fundamental modalities are introduced: head pose tracking, world ...