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dc.description.abstractThe present invention is directed generally to a method and apparatus for drying a web of paper utilizing impulse drying techniques to provide a unique paper product having a predetermined pattern of delaminated paper fibers. In the method of the invention for drying a paper web, the paper web is transported through a pair of rolls wherein at least one of the rolls has been heated to an elevated temperature. The heated roll is provided with a planar surface having a predetermined pattern formed on the surface of a material having a low K value of less than about 3000 w√s/m² c and having a relatively low porosity. The material forming the predetermined pattern of the roll surface is preferably selected from the group consisting of ceramics, polymers, glass, inorganic plastics, composite materials and cermets. The remainder of the roll surface has a high K value of greater than about 3000. The material forming the remainder of the roll surface is preferably selected from steel, molybdenum, nickel and duralimin.
dc.titleMethod And Apparatus For Drying Web
dc.contributor.patentcreatorOrloff, David I.
dc.description.assigneeInstitute Of Paper Science And Technology, Inc.

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