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dc.description.abstractA pipeline transportation system for wheeled vehicles which are moved therethrough by air. The vehicle functions as a pipeline sweeper to remove debris from the pipeline through one or more openings provided in the bottom of the pipeline. In one embodiment, the vehicle is self-righting whereby the vehicle will maintain an upright attitude and the vehicle wheels will straddle the openings in the pipeline and pass over the openings without the wheels being caught in the openings. In another embodiment, the vehicle includes loading wheels adjacent the bottom of the vehicle and side wheels on either side of the loading wheels, and the opening in the pipeline is positioned in the path of movement of the load wheels but out of the path of movement of the side wheels whereby debris will fall out of the opening but the vehicle will roll over the openings on the side wheels. Additionally, the vehicle may be self-righting with little loss of power or wheel wear by providing side wheels which are toed outwardly and which only engage the interior of the pipeline when the vehicle is unduly rotated.
dc.titleAir-actuated Pipeline Transportation System With Wheeled Vehicles
dc.contributor.patentcreatorCarstens, Marion R.
dc.description.assigneeGeorgia Tech Research Institute

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